our home: a cute and casual outdoor patio

Though most might assume that summer is the appropriate season to write about patio makeovers, Texans have a different story. We’re two days into November and it’s still pretty warm, but the temperature is slooooooowllllly dropping and this means we can actually stand spending more time outside. So, today, I thought I’d share our cute and casual patio.

In our previous apartment, we had a small patio but didn’t really do anything to make it a nice place to eat dinner or sit and enjoy the breeze. It faced a brick wall and frequently used sidewalk, so it wasn’t exactly ideal. But when we moved to 816, we hit the patio jackpot. First of all, we’re on the first floor, which means we’re level with a few cute trees and the grass. And second, we face a completely building free area. It’s actually a “free growth area” separated by an elevated brick wall which is perfect. (Shame on me for not turning around to take a picture of our view when I took these!)

Anyway, it’s a really great spot to sit and relax. I picked up these bright blue chairs from World Market for half off! Originally $80.00 each, I scooped them up for a svelte $35.00 a pop. I love the color and they are pretty darn comfortable. Plus, they have arm rests! That alone is something worth cheering for! Every other armed outdoor chair I could find was crazy expensive and not a lot of cute, so these were definitely a score.

To give us a little perch for drinks and snacks, I picked up this redwood planter from Home Depot, flipped it upside down, and painted the borders with some left over navy paint. The planter cost $20.00, but we used a gift card from Josh’s sister Jennifer. It was a quick project that made a fantastic addition to this little area.

A pitcher of tea and a little snack and we are set for a chill evening at home. Another “room” crossed of the list!

For the other apartment dwellers out there; how do you utilize your patio? And for everyone, what is your favorite season? Without a doubt, mine is fall. The cooler the temps, the more opportunities there are to snuggle, and I likes to snuggle!

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  1. Beja says:

    I saw a patio at an apartment where the people had a love seat outside, a tv, a refridgerator. I would be afraid someone would take all of what they had.

    Nice use of turquoise! Love it!

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