make this: hula hoop frames (pinterest challenge time!!)

It’s Pinterest Challenge time!!! We’ve been working hard to finish up the bedroom and for this challenge I thought it was finally time to tackle the space above our dresser. Lately, I’ve been loving big round frames and mirrors, but the thing about large, circular mirrors? They are hella expensive.

And then I had a thought. Hula hoops are big.. and round… and frame-like. HULA HOOPS, PEOPLE!! I made frames out of hula hoops.


This project is pretty easy and very inexpensive. I picked up two hula hoops from the dollar store in two slightly different sizes. diy-hula-hoop-frame-1

Then, I also grabbed a can of Krylon Fusion spray paint in a dark gray. This stuff is made to cling to plastic surfaces which is awesome. There was no bubbling or anything, just a smooth finish. diy-hula-hoop-frame-suppliesAll I had to do was find the split on each hoop, slice the ribbon and unravel it, then pour out the little noisemakers on the inside (which in dollar store hula hoops, is apparently just rocks…). A couple of coats of spray paint and a few hours drying time and my large hoop was done.

To mix up the look, I used a dark charcoal yarn to wrap the smaller hoop. They are similar in color but different textures which looks really Now what to put in the frames? I’ve been loving this quote that I found on Pinterest for a while and I decided to recreate it with a poster and a sharpie. It’s not perfect but it’s kind of got that charming DIY look. diy-hula-hoop-frame-14

Inside the large frame, I strung up some twine and some pretty card stock and photos with tiny clothespins. I’m thinking this is just a place holder until I can find something awesome and bold to go in it. diy-hula-hoop-frame-6

The hula hoops were $1.00 each, the spray paint was about $3.00, and all the art was made from materials I had at home, so for $5.00 we made a major statement over our dresser. The round frames balance out all the bold, geometric patterns we’ve got going on (check out our DIY geometric art here!)

The bedroom is practically done! We’ve got to find some awesome art to go in the large hoop frame and I’m thinking about possibly revamping our thrift store nightstands and then we’ll wrap this room up!

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What did you make for the Pinterest challenge? What’s the oddest thing you’ve used for a project? Can you beat hula hoops?? Share below!!

4 Comments on "make this: hula hoop frames (pinterest challenge time!!)"

  1. I love the hula hoop as the card holder! And the frame. Looks great!

  2. fred says:

    Hi! What a great budget DIY! I’m planning to use a hula hoop as a frame on the wall as well, but was just wondering what is the best way to fix it to the wall. Can i ask how you managed this? The fixtures look invisible! :) just what i want.

    • Megan says:


      I actually used the 3M velcro hanging strips. Since my hula hoops were so skinny, I actually cut two strips in half. It definitely takes a little finagling to hang it “invisibly” but it can be done! Good luck!!

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