lets talk: blog conference essentials

(Psst! I’ll be tweeting and instagram-ing all throughout the conference, so if you want to tag along follow me!!)

The week of Haven 2013 is finally here! In fact, I’ll be hopping on a plane in less than 24 hours, headed to Atlanta. Being the over zealous planner that I am, I’ve been carefully curating my packing list for months and today, I thought I’d share my top six blog conference essentials. blog-conference-essentials

1. Comfortable clothes. In some crazy twist of fate, I bought NO NEW CLOTHES for this conference. After all, the other attendees have never seen any of my outfits, so I just shopped my closet. But whatever outfits you decide to bring, keep comfort in the forefront of your mind! You’re going to be doing a lot of talking, sitting, meandering, and who knows what else, so a skirt that rides up or the tights that give you a wedgie… leave those at home and go with what makes you feel confident and comfortable.

2. Flat shoes. Kind of the same vein as number one. I’m not a high heels girl. I love them and think they’re gorgeous, but I don’t wear that all that often. I’ll be bringing flats to Haven so no staircase or long walk will deter me from any activity!

3. Chargers!!! I’m sure I’ll be tweeting, pinning, and instagram-ing the whole trip, so don’t get caught with a dead phone/camera/tablet! Pack those chargers and batteries!! Then double check that you packed them.

4. Plenty o’ business cards. Blog conferences like Haven are all about interaction. You’ll be meeting fellow bloggers and sponsors and the best part is they want to meet you!! Spend some time thinking about your business cards and make sure they speak true to your blog and brand! And bring as many as you can, you do not want to be caught short!!

5. Binder ring & hole punch. This is one of the easiest (and most genius) ways I’ve seen to collect other peoples business cards when you’re getting hundreds per day. Store these in your purse and you won’t have to worry about the cards you received getting crushed or lost at the bottom of your bag.

6. Note pad and good pens. My personal preference is written notes. I feel like I absorb information much better when I’m physically writing out details and notes. I know it’s the digital age but there’s something to be said about writing by hand. And even if you do use a laptop or tablet to remember information, you might end up needing good ol’ pen and paper when meeting sponsors and maybe adding some info to a business card to remember later. Plus, in my little portfolio, I can also wrangle my schedule, travel information, and hotel reservation. Win!

What are other essentials for blogging conferences? Have you ever been to one? Share your tips and experiences below!!

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  1. This is a great list! I wish I’d known before Haven to bring a hole bunch and a binder ring. That would definitely have helped to keep the pile of business cards that I collected organized.

    I’m glad that I kept a bottle of water in my Haven bag and also some mints for after lunch.

  2. Conferences are the real deal, hoping to make it there one day! Hope you enjoyed it.

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