so i bought a sewing machine

Thank you for all the wonderfully sweet comments on our anniversary post on Wednesday. And I’m very glad to see I’ve got readers that can embrace my sappiness! You are the best!

Remember when I crossed the first thing off my Colorful Life List last month by taking a super fun sewing class? Well, as of this past weekend, I’m taking that action item to the next level. I bought a sewing machine.

My lovely blogger friend Savannah, husband Josh, and I all trekked to IKEA last Saturday to get a few things AND check out the new stuff! It was actually a lot more fun going to IKEA with a little group rather than just the hubs and me. It kept it casual and chill… but surviving that place is a whole different post so, let’s just focus on the machine, shall we?

2013-08-15 sav-and-megan-ikea-edit*Please note our outfit colors were not planned in advance… a phrase about great minds seems applicable here though.*

I think some people might be a little wary about buying a sewing machine from IKEA and to that I would say “Hogwash!”… with a few exceptions. I did some independent research, read some reviews and came to the conclusion that for my newbie purposes, the SY machine would be perfect. I’m a beginner with the intention of doing some home decor and clothing projects from the simple side of the spectrum. This machine comes with a good variety of stitches for a starter and at only $69, I had no guilt about buying it.

2013-08-15 ikea-sy-sewing-machine-comboPlus with it’s signature IKEA colors, it’s pretty charming, right? I have already successfully set it up and practiced once this week and I’m really excited to keep at it. Learning how to sew straight lines for the win!

Now, I get to go through my Craft Pinterest board and pick out all the sewing projects I loved but couldn’t do before now. Here are a few that I’m really looking forward to:

Ah! I couldn’t be more eager to be get cracking and teach myself a new skill! Something that I’ve wanted to do since high school and now I’m finally going for it!

Do you sew? What other fun beginner projects do you recommend? And what skills have you been coveting but haven’t gotten around to pursuing? Go do it!!

4 Comments on "so i bought a sewing machine"

  1. Jackie says:

    Congratulations on your first sewing machine! I didn’t even no Ikea sells them. You are so right to buy what feels comfortabl for you. And, you know what, the straight stitch is pretty much the only one you’ll need for all your home decor projects.

    Can’t wait to see your pompom pillow!

  2. Ooo I want to get one! I’m pretty much terrified of sewing and rely on my MIL but I would love to conquer this for the sake of pillow and curtain making! Can’t wait to see your projects!

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