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This past weekend, I started brainstorming some fun art ideas for our blah-beige guest bathroom and then I remembered “Oh, hey! You’ve got two pretty gold thrift store frames that have been abandoned in a pile of clutter! Why not just use those for something?”  And, to that I answered myself (silently, so as not to freak out Josh) with a resounding “Duh!”. I scored these two gilded frames from a craft supplies reuse store in Denton a few weeks ago called Scrap. It’s like Goodwill for craft supplies and it totally rules!

When I looked at the frame sizes I knew exactly what I wanted to put in them. I’m one of those people who keeps pretty packaging from stuff I buy and I have had these and Kate Spade cards hanging on my office cork board for months. They are so cute I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out, so why not turn them into art?

Anyways, this tutorial came from wanting to use this postcard so badly, but the frame being slightly too big. More internal conversation finally led me to this: Turn it into a Floating Frame!

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-promoWe actually have a few floating frames but they can be a little pricey because they usually come with two panes of glass. But this easy method can turn almost any frame into a floating frame.

So, here we go.

clean-up-thrift-shop-framesRubbing alcohol is a great cleaner for thrift store finds because it disinfects AND removes sticky, gunky stuff that always seems to be on my thrift purchases.

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-comboMake sure that you are thorough with your hot gluing. You want to make sure the glass is as secure in there as possible because there will not be anything to support it in the back. If it gets a little messy, you can take an exacto knife and carefully slice away the excess glue so you don’t see anything from the front.

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-2Then just center and secure your art with a tiny line of invisible tape. I taped at the top and bottom for extra strength.

You can see here that I also used a little washi tape to make the postcard pop against our beige (and un-paintable) walls. Surprisingly, this was my first ever project using washi tape. I know, how late am I right? No surprise though, I love it!

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-3Then all you’ve got to do is hang and enjoy! I used to tiny gold nails in the upper corners to hang from the wall. They practically blend in with the frame.

Here come my two favorite project descriptions: Easy and basically free!! Seriously, you just can’t beat that!!

And, this is just one of the many colorful art pieces that are going up on the wall in our guest bathroom. You are going to love it so stay around to see the final result!

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