Plastic Bag Storage Made Pretty(er)

Does anybody out there just have a plastic bag in their house that’s full of other plastic bags? Well, as of two days ago, I can confidently answer “NO!” to that question. In an attempt to clear up some cabinet clutter, we picked up a neat bag organizer from IKEA for $1.99. I tried really hard to find it on their site but, no such luck. However, this little thing comes from the VARIERA line, if you want to check it out in-store.

On it’s own, it’s just plain plastic. So, I decided to spruce it up with some spray paint to bring a little color into our laundry nook.

ikea-plastic-bag-storage-makeoverAfter going through the paint I already had on hand, I settled on this pretty icy blue by Valspar. About 3 quick, light coats and 24 hours later, I had a much schnazzier looking place to store all my plastic grocery bags. And, just in case you’re tempted to comment about using cloth bags instead, know that after about a month, we empty our bag supply straight into the recycling bin. Plus, we reuse these bags for sorting, small trash cans, and sometimes even paint clean up.

ikea-plastic-bag-makeover (1)And here it is looking all pretty. This organizer actually came with two hanging strips already attached, but I didn’t really want to use those. They seemed like the kind that wouldn’t come off cleanly which is no bueno. I used four of my favorite 3M Command hooks (the small, velcro type), so I can easily take this on and off the wall. Yay!!

ikea-plastic-bag-makeover-3Obviously, our little laundry “room” is not too fancy. There’s barely enough room to unload the washer and dryer! But, I do think this bright cheery little bag organizer adds a little pop of happiness. Plus, it pairs pretty well with our cleaning chart (which will be blogged about soon, probably with a free download. What?!)

How do you store utilitarian things like plastic bags? Any other good suggestions?

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  1. Ooh what a cute colour! I dont save plastic bags myself (I use reusable), but if I did I would steal your idea!

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