Make This: DIY Bulletin Boards

Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re back from a nice long three-day weekend with a fun and colorful tutorial! I’ve been working to finish up our boring beige guest bathroom this week, and these DIY bulletin boards are a perfect fun accessory to what I’m deeming “the girliest space in our apartment.”

This project was pretty quick and the best part is, it’s totally customizable. You could make a bulletin board in practically any shape or color with this method!

custom-painted-bulletin-boards-promoFor this project you’ll need some cork material. I picked up a roll for a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. It’ll be thinner than a traditional bulletin board, but that makes it easy to cut and attach to your wall. You’ll also need a stencil or painter’s tape, a marker, craft paint in whichever colors you desire, and a few foam brushes. I recommend foam because it spreads the paint a lot easier than traditional paint brushes.


First up, trace your stencil and cut out your cork board. I went the easy route here with four medium size squares but you could go with anything. I think a honeycomb shape or even clouds could be really fun!


For my project, I wanted some of the natural cork to show, so I used painter’s tape to seal off the edges. Painter’s tape can be a little tricky to adhere to the cork so take your time and smooth it down. Also, foam brushes will help you to keep crisp lines by dragging the brush over the tape to the center of your cork shape. custom-painted-bulletin-boards-process

Next, paint, remove your stencil and let dry. With the cork that comes in a roll, you’ll probably get a curve in your boards. Once the paint on mine dried completely, I set my coffee table tray on top of them to flatten them out.   custom-painted-bulletin-boards-tutorial-33All that’s left to do is hang! I just used some clear thumbtacks we already had. For a geometric pattern like this, definitely break out the level to keep your design straight and evenly spaced. Since we’re just using thumbtacks, they are easy to reposition, but if you don’t have to, it’s even better, right?


Step back and enjoy! I’m planning on using mine for little quirky quotes and maybe some style inspiration. And, in case you’re wondering, yes that little scrap of paper says “I blogged your Mama! And I tweeted your sister.” I found that little gum package at a candy store and could not resist buying it just for the quote. I don’t even like cinnamon gum, but I had to have it!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the reveal of our guest bathroom makeover! I promise more girly stuff!

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  1. This is a great & frugal way to make a bulletin board! I love the bright colors you chose.
    I’m stopping by from Serenity Now.(#39 Open Concept and 40 Pumpkin Crock Pot Oatmeal) Have a great weekend!

  2. This is a colorful and creative approach to creating a bulletin board. I love it!

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