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So, Instagram.It took me a while to get into it, but now I love it. But I don’t just want all those fun pictures I take to stay inside my phone forever! So, I decided to create some cool Instagram style art. diy-instagram-art-promo

There are a couple ways you could put together a project like this. The first way to is print out individual photos and adhere them (permanently or temporarily, depending on your MO) to a white background. The second option, which is the route we went, was to edit all the square photos into one large JPEG and have it printed on poster size paper. I think there are merits to both methods, but the ‘one-giant-photo’ tactic worked out best for me. I didn’t have to painstakingly measure and affix all those tiny photos down, which would have added a lot more time to the project. I did, on the other hand probably spend a little bit more money for the poster size, but it’s all about priorities, right?

diy-instagram-art-2All, I did was measure my square frame (NYTTJA from IKEA) to figure out the poster size and how many rows/columns of photos I could have. I will say that working with a square frame made this a lot easier.

Actually preparing the photos was the most time consuming. I used Photoshop Elements to resize each photo and drag it onto the poster-size image. By utilizing the “grid” function, I was able to line up photos very easily, so definitely do that! It’s just like with home projects; always measure, eyeballing things is tricky!

Once I was happy with the photos and their layout, I took the images to Staples to get them printed. These didn’t fit their pre-made poster sizes, so they did have to be cut down. But for two full-color 16×16 posters, I spent less than $30.00. Not too shabby!


And, here they are above our purple couch. I used the Instagram art to flank a bright blue floral canvas we purchased at this year’s Denton Arts & Jazz Festival. We fell so hard for the bright colors in it, that we just had to take it home.

Of course, you could put your own Instagram art anywhere, but I especially love it in the living room. This is our primary entertaining space when guests come over, and the photos make such a cool conversation piece. Plus, we included photos from major events and travels in our lives together, so it’s fun to relive those memories on a regular basis.

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  1. Oh I love this! It’s so fun to see how people actually take their Instagram pictures from their phone to their home! So cute!

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