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So, we kind of failed on the Halloween tradition front last month. The pretty little pumpkin I picked up at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago has sat untouched on our bookcase for the whole spooky month. Whomp whomp.

But this past weekend, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I took down our Halloween decorations and set out to dress up this poor little gourd in something fancy.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-promoAnd what’s fancier than gold, right? This quick little project took the whole of an hour and now a gilded pumpkin graces our bookcase.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-3To make your own gilded pumpkin all you need to do is tape a border around the top portion of your gourd. Since, pumpkins are pretty oddly shaped, you’ll have a hard time getting a perfect circle, but the goal isn’t perfection. Just make sure you press the tape into all the grooves.

Once I had my line taped, I also secured a plastic bag around the bottom part to prevent any spray paint splatter. I wanted a nice crisp line.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-comboTo get the best gold sheen, I used some Krylon Metallic spray paint I had left over from this gilded chair makeover. Two quick coats was all it took. I let it sit outside for about 45 minutes before bringing it indoors.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-9And while the dipped gold look was fantastic on it’s own, I also added a few yarn tassels to bring in some more fall colors! These were super easy to whip up and make sure this pretty pumpkin looks more autumn-y than spooky.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-6Do you use pumpkins as decorations after Halloween? What are you favorite no-carve methods for dressing them up? Share below!

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