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The time to decorate the Christmas is so close I can taste it! In a surprising twist of events, I’ve agreed to not decorate the holidays until after Thanksgiving. I mean, I’m totally pro-conserving Thanksgiving but I really really love to decorate for Christmas. The month of November is basically an internal battle of Christmas versus Turkey Day. It can get intense, y’all. But today, I wanted to share a tiny piece of holiday decor that totally works for both!

I was majorly inspired by this gold foil art by Read Between The Lines.  They are actually a group of local artists and their prints are sold in the cutest little shop in our neighborhood. Instantly, I was in love. Josh, not so much. I guess it was a little too sassy for him. Plus, it’s actually quite a large print and I don’t have any frames laying around to house a seasonal print for two months out of the year. So, I decided to recreate my own little faux-gold foil art with the same cheeky saying.

make this | cheeky gold foil holiday artI love how graphic it turned out. The metallic gold is even more festive in person. This version will take you a little more time than buying it, but this technique is a great way to recreate that luxe gold foiled look.

make this | cheeky gold foil holiday artThe first thing I did was print out the outline of my phrase on white card stock. For the sake of the tutorial, I went darker with the outline, but I’d definitely recommend going fainter, but still visible. That way, if you miss any little edges, they won’t be conspicuous.

Next, painstakingly cut out each letter with a sharp Xacto knife. Actually, it didn’t take too long. Mostly due to the fact that I used a very simple, non-scrolly font. Feel free to use whichever super cool font you’d like, but know a fancier variety may make the project a little more tricky.

Lastly, I cut a sheet of gold metallic scrapbook paper I picked up at Michael’s for $2.00 and secured it to the backside of the card stock with masking tape. Nothing fancy, just function in the back, baby.

cheeky-holiday-art-tutorial-7Pop that bad boy in a frame and you’re done! I’m so in love. Right now, it’s sitting on our bookshelf next to our gilded pumpkin until I get out the rest of the Christmas decorations. I was thinking about possibly hanging it right by the door, but Josh felt like it would be insulting him everyday as he left! Personally, I like to start my day with a healthy dose of cheekiness, but he’s more of the coffee type. Eh, I’m still totally into him.

What’s your philosophy on holiday decorating? Do you wait until each holiday has passed to move onto the next, or do you just go nuts? Share below!

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10 Comments on "make this | cheeky gold foil holiday art"

  1. Well, I just want to cry at how easy you made this look. I’ve been wanting some gold-foil-ANYthing lately. May have to give it a go soon!

  2. Katie says:

    Adorable! There’s no way in the world I’d have the patience for an xacto knife :)

  3. Courtney says:

    Love this cute idea!

  4. I LOVE this and that cheeky saying is a great way to wake up 😉

  5. Felicia says:

    Love it!! I don’t have the patience with the knife but I do have a cricut machine. I’m going to cut it out with the machine and then adhere the foil to the back. Thanks for sharing.

    • Support says:

      I’m totally jealous of you! I’d love to see your version done with the cricut! I bet it turns out awesome. :)

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