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Today, I want to reach out to all my small-space dwellers out there that don’t have as much space to deck out for the holidays! I remember our very first apartment, which measured in at a measly 400 square feet, was so tiny that we could only manage to squeeze in a 2 foot, teeny-tiny fake Christmas tree to add some cheer. It was so small that I was able to use a scarf as the “tree skirt” and regular sized ornaments looked giant on it. Here’s a picture of it for your daily laugh:


Hah! Every time I think of this, it just cracks me up. Obviously, we’re living in a much larger apartment now and have room for our larger, but still small 4.5 foot Christmas tree, but when it came to decorating our hallway for the holidays, I thought I’d attempt a little small-space redo. Yup, I put a Christmas tree in the hallway… well, sort of. diy light strand christmas tree How fun does that look? It took about 10 minutes to put together, no measuring, and basically no damage to the walls. I secured everything with thumbtacks!

To start, I plugged in two strands of white lights and then secured the very top “tree point” with thumbtacks. Then, I proceeded to make the outer points of the tree, starting closer in and working my way light strand christmas tree I love everything about it, but I especially love the bright, festive colors in the garland! All I did was thread a needle and string through squares cut from scrapbook paper. I will say this took a while, but set yourself up with a few shows on Netflix and it’ll fly by. It’s a great no-sew garland alternative.

diy light strand christmas tree Underneath the paper square garland, I layered another garland made from white, craft pom poms made from the same method. Just string and a needle. It kind of has a snowy feel, right?diy light strand christmas tree And at night, the whole thing just glows. It casts this warm, cozy light through the hallway and makes me smile every time. It might be the most cheery tree we’ve ever had! And it’s not even a tree!

Do you have any other methods to decorating small spaces for the holidays? Share below!

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3 Comments on "diy light strand christmas tree"

  1. Love it!

    PS: I have no idea how you guys lived in 400 square feet. This 700 is killing us! 😀

  2. Heather says:

    So creative and fun!! Looking back on our first tree in our first place was so skinny and we barely had any ornaments! Now we have 7 trees and too many ornaments to fit on them!

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