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This year I wanted to go with a sort of “Crafty Christmas” theme with lots of bright colors and handmade elements. One medium I’ve really been loving lately is yarn! The texture is warm and cozy and the color choices are endless, so I thought it would be fun to create some DIY yarn tassel

There are several steps but once you finish one, you’ll see that the process is pretty you need is the yarn of your choice, scissors, and a piece of cardboard. Make sure you cut the cardboard with one side the length you want your tassel plus a little extra. Inevitably, you’ll have some scraggly edges to trim towards the end, so give yourself a little wiggle by wrapping yarn around the “length” side of your cardboard. The more you wrap, the chunkier your tassel will be. It just depends on how you want the finished product to look. Personally, I prefer the more squat and chunky an additional piece of yarn (about double the length of your cardboard piece) and slide it under your wrapped yarn. Loosely tie to prevent everything from unraveling when we cut the, take your scissors and slice along the edge opposite of the loose knot you just, lay remove from the cardboard and lay down on a flat surface to tighten the knot. This piece of yarn will become the “hanging string” so keep it separate from the other strands and tie and knot at the top to create that done! Just fold in half, and start wrapping yarn around the top portion of your tassel. Keep wrapping until you get that “band width” you like. Then in a knot and tuck it in with the rest of the yarn hanging down. It’ll blend right it a little hair, there it is! Cute, simple, and handmade’ve got a few deep colors adorning our tree and I love them. You could also use these for festive garlands or to dress up gifts. They are so simple and inexpensive to make, plus they give that warm, handmade touch.

Do you have a theme for your Christmas tree this year? What is it? Does it change every year? Share below!

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8 Comments on "make this | diy yarn tassel ornaments"

  1. Leanne says:

    These are cute and add a nice texture to the tree!

  2. Leslie says:

    These are SO cute and so festive. I am going to try them! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Amy W says:

    This is such a fun shade of purple. I just read it’s the 2014 “pantone color”… so trendy, you are! I just started following you on Bloglovin’, love your style!

  4. anna says:

    Beautiful !

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