2014 one-word objective

Alright, here we go. We’re officially into January, which means it really time to set up some goals for the new year!

Last week I shared five simple ways to start of the new year refreshed, but those are just quick little tactics to start with a fresh slate. Now, we’re getting into the heavy duty stuff. I’ve seen the “one-word goal” approach floating around for a while and I thought this method would actually be a great way to cover everything I want to do this year. I am 23, out of college, gainfully employed, and married. That, my friends, is what most people would consider “grown-up” material. So, it is officially time to start phasing out the more short-term focused habits I’ve formed over the past few years where making it to the next paycheck was our biggest priority. To make hundreds of tiny goals for sweeping changes over many different components of my life seemed a little… well, daunting. One great word to cover it all, one great word to become a mindset and mantra for 2014, that’s the way to do it.2014 one-word objectiveMy goal for this brand new year is to “curate.” To carefully and methodically sift through the things, habits, activities, and people of my daily life and adjust them for the better. A few specific things on the Curate To-Do list are to embrace my new found “minimalist-lite” attitude (which you’ll be hearing a lot more about very soon) and get rid of all the extra stuff we have laying around, create simple systems for the “un-sexy” things that just have to get done like cleaning, financial planning, and grocery shopping, and also to figure out exactly how to be a better friend and family member to those I care for and weed out relationships that are toxic or superficial.

Of course, there are approximately one hundred other items on this year-long checklist, but it’s so much easier to know what to focus on when you’ve got one objective to match them with.

How do you make goals? Have you ever used the “one-word objective” method? How did it work for you? Share below!

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4 Comments on "2014 one-word objective"

  1. Annie says:

    The “one” word resolution is such a great idea! I think we often bog ourselves down with too many resolutions as you mention. Mine is “Organize” :)


  2. Jackie says:

    Megan, I love your word. My word this year is “relish” and I am not talking about food! I want to remind myself to relish in every moment…what I am, where I am, who I am sharing it, what I have…relish in everything!

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