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Can I just admit that I totally didn’t know anything about this whole “Pantone Color of the Year” business until about 3 years ago? Yeah, I came in right about “honeysuckle” and BAM! It’s like a whole new world opened up. I mean obviously, I loved color long before this discovery, and, no, in the past three years I haven’t fully embraced the color of the year to a point where I buy a whole bunch of stuff in that shade, but I do really appreciate the concept. The opportunity to focus on a color that you might not normally pick out. And that opportunity has certainly presented itself again with this year’s Radiant Orchid.

At first glace, it’s a pretty shocking shade of neon-purple, right? I personally couldn’t imagine incorporating much of this hue in my home or wardrobe, but I wanted to give it a chance. Stretch my color muscles if you will. And that is why Pantone’s Radiant Orchid is the focus of this month’s Color Pops board!color pops | radiant orchid

1. Purple Bird Cage Lamp | Land of Nod 2. Agate Coasters | West Elm 3. Everyday I’m Hustling Pillow | Michelle Dwight on Etsy 4. Violet Lattice Pillow | Whitlock & Co. on Etsy 5. Amethyst Duvet Cover | West Elm 6. Windham Accent Cabinet | Target

I think there are two ways to make this shade work in the home.

  1. Stick to the originally hue with accessories and easily interchangable accents only. Paint a whole wall that color? I mean, go nuts, it’s your home, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it. You might feel like kicking yourself come next year. A punchy pillow or those gorgeous agate coasters would be a perfect way to incorporate the shade. And how adorable would that bird cage light be in a kid’s room?
  2. If you want big swaths of the color, tone it down a few notches. It might seem a little backwards, but graying out a super intense color often delivers the effect your were going for. Take that garish shade to a wall, bed spread, or piece of furniture and it’ll become about 50 times more potent than you intended. Muted adaptions like the bedding or cabinet above still give an unexpected pop without blinding you.

What do you think of the 2014 Color of the Year? Your thing or not? Share below!!

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6 Comments on "color pops | radiant orchid"

  1. I think colour of the year previously was “emerald green”. Radiant Orchid is beautiful and bold! I love it!

  2. Liz F says:

    Those purple colors are great! Good tips, thanks. I’m stopping over from the Link Party Palooza.

  3. I LOVED last year’s Emerald, but this Radiant Orchid is just not my thing. Purple has never been a color I particularly liked, but who knows, maybe later this year I’ll become obsessed with it after seeing how everyone decorates with it!

  4. RaCh says:

    Purple is my absolute favorite color. You can pretty much tell something belongs to me if its purple. My love for purple and green rivals that of Marie on Breaking Bad. I could not be more stoked for this year!
    I really love that cabinet you picked out! You have great taste!

  5. Danielle says:

    Lovely orchid inspiration! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

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