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Okay, so we did our initial purge! By now, you’ve probably got a good pile or two of things ready to leave your home forever! Today, we’re going to be talking about a few of my favorite methods for letting go of that extra stuff.

Now, you’re probably thinking what’s a “nice way” to get rid of your stuff? Well, I tried to include only options that benefit someone. Whether it be your friends, family, local business, or even a good cause.

You’ll probably notice that I didn’t include a few major selling methods like eBay and Craigslist. The truth is I just don’t use those options very often and they have the potential to be more frustrating than refreshing. For eBay sales, I hate have to lug stuff down to the post office to ship and Craigslist kind of makes me nervous. I’m sure there are plenty of honest people out there just trying to buy and sell a few things, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take.

So, yes, today I’m sharing 4 nice ways to let go of your extra stuff!4-ways-to-get-rid-of-your-stuff

  1. Giving to close family and friends. Now I’m definitely not suggesting you try to pawn off all your junk to the other people in your life. I mean, after all, do you really want to give someone the same problem you’re trying to escape? Nope. That’s not our prerogative. I’m talking about gifting things that you know that someone else in your life would love and appreciate. For example, Josh and I recently decided to get rid of a cute set of Japanese rice bowls we’ve had for years. They are in perfect condition but they are super small and we just didn’t use them very much. Instead of donating them, I decided to give them to a co-worker who has just moved into a new apartment, has almost nothing in it, and is a total foodie. He LOVED them! And, I was just happy to know that these were going to someone who’d appreciate them.
  2. Host a Facebook garage sale! This is especially perfect for us apartment dwellers who have no garage. Simply create an event page, invite your local friends (and open it up for them to invite others) and post pictures of items you’re looking to sell. Of course, since you’re dealing with people you know, you’re still going to want to only offer up items that have been gently used. I did this a few months ago and had great success. Keep in mind, the goal here is not to try and recoop every penny you spent; give good deals. Any cash is better than none and you’re gaining all that free space and clutter-free wonderfulness in the exchange!
  3. Specialty resale shops. Stores with buy-back programs are a great way to get rid of items like books, movies, and clothing. There are a few major stores with similar programs like Half Priced Books, Hastings, and Plato’s Closet, but my favorite places to sell to are locally owned. Just group gently used intems into categories based on what your local stores take, box them up, and bring them in. Most shops can evaluate your load and make an offer while you’re in the store. Again, don’t go in expecting them to pony up the full price of each item. You’re getting rid of this stuff anyways, the extra cash is strictly a bonus. And unless they explicitly refuse an item, I usually just vie them everything I came with even if they didn’t make an offer for every item. It gets it out of my home, gives a local store more inventory, and I usually end up a few dollars richer.
  4. Donate to a good cause. After you’ve exhausted the resources above, I want you to load up everything else into your car and go donate it! I personally go to the Salvation Army, but if you’re local church hosts a sale or takes clothing donations, or your town runs a charity that needs items you’re purging! Donate! I think sometimes when I donate things, it just feels like I’m dumping a lot of useless crap and running in the opposite direction, but you know what? There are people out there who desperately need what we’re getting rid of or people who can use our donations to raise money for a good cause. And as an extra incentive, don’t forget that you can claim items donated to an eligible business as a tax deduction!

Okay! So far we’ve determined our direction, did a good ol’ fashion purge, and now we’ve got that extra stuff out of the house! Tomorrow we’ll wrap up our Minimalist-Lite crash course week by creating a thorough action plan. Then the real fun begins!!

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4 Comments on "minimalist-lite | 4 nice ways to let go of stuff"

  1. When you were organizing the Facebook garage sale, how did you arrange for delivery/pick up of items? I have thought about getting involved with that (through a local facebook auction group) but without having a car that makes it tricky!

    • Megan says:

      Good question!

      Since I organized the FB event myself, I invited only local people I knew. Because I had pretty low prices, I said I’d meet people near my house or work to drop off the items they bought. If you live nearby a coffee shop, or something similar, you could have people meet you there. Hope that helps! :)

      Ps. I am totally going to respond to your question on my previous post, I just haven’t had a free moment to sit down and do it!! Tonight for sure!

  2. Heather says:

    I, for one, LOVE it when you have FB garage sales! :)

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