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Okay, so we’ve done a good purge and gotten the first layer of extra stuff out of the house. Now, it’s time to make a plan for everything else! minimalist-lite-action-plan

Focus on habits, not spaces

Instead of going room to room and listing every space that needs an overhaul, we’re going to start by identifying the activities and routines that you do on a regular basis. This list should include things like your morning and evening routines, hobbies, and meal planning. Sit down and mentally go through your average day to identify every regular activity. Keep in mind that this will be a highly individualized list and there will be items on yours that are not on mine. If you’ve got kiddos, keeping up with them will be a major part of your plan. Maybe you have an odd work schedule or a hobby that takes up a lot of your time (hello, blogging!!); these should definitely make the list. The goal here is to carefully consider all the little routines, hobbies, and habits that make up your day so you’ve got an easy simplifying checklist to work through.

Don’t leave off the “un-sexy” stuff!

Be sure to include the “un-sexy” stuff like scheduled cleaning, home maintenance, and financial planning! For most people these things usually fall in the “not-super-fun” category, but they are undeniably important to our present and future. That being said, there is no need for tackling these tasks to feel like torture. In fact, simplifying them throughout this project should make them less of a chore!

Why focus here?

As you work your way through your list, you’ll find that all those cluttered and messy spaces in your home will be tackled simultaneously. By keeping the focus on your current habits, you’ll be more likely to create systems with staying power! Have you ever spent hours organizing a space only to find it a hot mess a month later? It might be because you organized it in a way that doesn’t gel with how you actually use it. Sometimes when we organize, we try to create systems for the way we wished we did things. “Once, I implement this system, I’ll scan my receipts every day/file everything alphabetically/blah blah blah.” I’m not saying you shouldn’t tweak your routine to make it more efficient, but don’t attempt a complete overhaul overnight. It’ll only lead to burnout. Organize your routine for right now. IF changes come in the future, it’ll be way easier to implement because… you’ll already be organized!!

My action plan

Okay, so here’s my list. Don’t freak out about the length. Again, this transition is not something to be accomplished in one weekend or even one month. This is a project that will be done slowly and methodically.

  • Morning & evening routines – make as efficient as possible, especially for week days
  • Beauty routine – simplify make-up and hair, reduce number of products
  • Wardrobe – define personal style, closet organization, evaluate each item, try out the 30 piece wardrobe challenge
  • Budget & finance organization – fine tune our bill pay schedule, track budget categories more carefully, integrate fully to a digital system
  • Efficient house cleaning – what is the quickest way to clean everything? Reduce number of products used, replace with greener options
  • Cleaning & maintenance schedule – integrate monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks into spreadsheet/online calender with reminders
  • Home decor – strive for styled and cozy, but not cluttered, explore rotating decor options that don’t take a lot of room to store
  • Crafting – what to keep v. what to trash, organizing craft supplies in a small space
  • Fitness – schedule workouts…. then actually workout
  • Grocery shopping & meal planning – update meal planning/shopping printable, digitize recipe binder, organize pantry/cabinets/refrigerator, add labels to food storage, make simple mixes to avoid processed junk (taco seasoning and pancake mix, at least)
  • Friends & family – cultivate meaning relationships, shed toxic/superficial relationships, remember birthdays, schedule regular times to check in with family
  • Digital organization – eliminate excess paper, store as much as possible in digital form, create organization system to maintain order, create backup schedule
  • Blog organization – maintain editorial calendar, schedule social media posts more often, create site maintenance calendar
  • Emergency preparedness – create 72 hours kits, create physical/digital/online copies of important documents, update emergency supplies, create car emergency kit

Whew! That’s a really long list, right? Kind of scary, but here’s the thing, we’re going to work on one area at a time, organize it for good, and then maintain as we move on to the next item. It will be hard work, but my ultimate goal is to not have a 2015 New Year’s Resolution to get organized because I’ll already be there!

If you want to join in, make an action plan of your own and share it below! I would so love to see some other perspectives and give support to everyone out there! :)go minimalist-liteLinked up with:
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  1. Hey! So I’ve happened upon this blog a couple of times through my pinterest and linky party searching…meaning it’s a sign that I’m drawn to it! I’m now you’re newest follower! Love the post too. This is something I really need to work on and make a plan for. Thanks for the tips!

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