window shopping | IKEA adventures

Good morning, Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I know I certainly did. Every few months or so my lovely blog friend Savannah and I like to troll IKEA. You know, just to look at the pretty things, and maybe… just maybe make a purchase or two. So, I thought it’d be fun for you to have a glimpse into our IKEA adventures with some window shopping!

We got there early, before the showroom was even open. They had it roped off like we were at some VIP event. The guy guarding the entrance looked totally indifferent, like this is the worst part of his day, having to stand between crazy IKEA fanatics and their mother land. I tried to get a rousing round of applause going for him as the rope came down, but no one was really having it. 2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-3First on the agenda, documentation that a blogger date was in progress. IE: photos in a mirror.2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-1Both Savannah and I are in the “apartment limbo” where the things we covet won’t really fit into our spaces. Like this amazing rug (LAPPLJUNG RUTA) which is huge but only 99 clams. One day, I’ll have it. Maybe. It looks crazy graphic and punchy, but with furniture and accessories layered over it, it would be the perfect accent in a living room.

window shopping | IKEA adventures

I snagged a yard of this gorgeous, water color-esque fabric (STOCKHOLM) for a project I’m sharing later this week. The best way to test a fabric’s quality? Posing with it. This is just science, people.2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-2

I was also really digging this lamp. The black on black is sleek, right? Plus, the sparse wire base really appeals to my current raging minimalist side. I wasn’t able to find this one on the IKEA site, but I do love it so. Plus, it is only $25.00. Shade included.

2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-4One more instagram-worthy shot to wrap up the trip. According to Savannah, if it’s not online somewhere, it never even happened at all!

I did get a few things while there, which I’ll be sharing soon. I’ve got to give Savannah major props for walking out with only a set of salt and pepper shakers. I’m pretty sure that’s unheard of. We also have a blast hanging out and I always feel so lucky to have a blogging friend close by. We ended up meeting through such weird circumstances, that it totally feels like our friendship was fate! Cheesy-outro.

What did you do this weekend? Any fun shopping or DIY-ing? Share below!

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