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We’re kickin’ off yet another new series today! Remember last summer when I took a sewing class? And then a few months ago when I got my IKEA SY sewing machine? And I was all like “Awww, yeah guys! I’m gonna sew EVERYTHING!!” Well, you may or may not have noticed a little silence on the whole sewing-adventure front, but today I’m bringing it back with my Noob Sewing Series!

Oh yes, I’m going to be breaking out my sewing machine at least once a month and teaching myself to sew. First by following beginner tutorials from around the blog-o-sphere, and then hopefully bringing y’all some original sewing craft ideas! So, if you’re a sewing newbie and you have no idea where to start, get ready!noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseFor my first project, I decided to start with a pillow. I mean it’s a square, how hard can it be? I used this fantastic video tutorial for DIY Envelope Pillows made by my fabulous friend Jackie at Teal & Lime. She explains everything very plainly in this simple tutorial.noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseI couldn’t wait to break out this pretty STOCKHOLM fabric from our recent trip to IKEA. It’s such a cheery yellow and I love the water color texture. It almost looks like the fabric is painted, right? It’s a heavy duty fabric and, from the photo above you can tell, it obviously passed the “posing test.” Even though my pillow insert is only 16×16, I picked up a whole yard of fabric to make sure I could get the gorgeous yellow on one whole side.noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseAll you need to do is sew four lengths! It really is super simple. Plus, this tutorial uses only one continuous piece of fabric, so there’s no need for a lot of sizing and cutting. (Although, Jackie’s video does include an additional tutorial for using two different fabrics for front and back, if you’d like.)noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseNow, my first real sewing project is in the books! I’m especially happy with this success because pillow cases make great minimalist-lite decor. You can make and customize them yourself for very little money, they’re easy to switch out, and any cases not currently on a pillow take up hardly any storage space!

How are your sewing skills? Any recommendations for future Noob Sewing posts? Share below!

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  1. Jackie says:

    Megan, Your first pillow looks great…be careful they are so easy, they are addictive to make! Love the fun fabric too!

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