our home | 2014 video tour

Happy Monday gang! It’s been a while since we’ve done a video tour of our apartment, 816, so I thought today I’d show you around.  It’s been (mostly) decided that Josh and I will stay in Dallas for at least one more school year which means one more year in this apartment. It’ll make 816 our longest lived residence, so far. With the decorating restrictions that come with apartment living, I thought a third year would drive me nuts. “What the heck should I do now?” But I’ve made an attack plan for the remainder of our time here to keep things fresh including our minimalist-lite series and updating a lot of our college-day purchases (like the dining table we just replaced!) There’s still plenty to be done!

So, here’s our apartment as it looked this January 2014.

And in case your wondering, here’s what’s on the agenda for the rest of our time here:

Dining Room:

  • Take down floating shelves
  • Create small vignette of frames
  • Patch holes in walls
  • Get long shelf like this for glasses and alcohol

Living Room:

  • Replace couch – smaller to add more space?
  • New feature wall idea
  • Get rid of TV trays as side tables
  • Rug for living room?
  • Organize desk/workspace
  • Make new curtains
  • Swap wedding art to white frame
  • Label mail center file
  • Paint door tray


  • Clean off top of fridge
  • Replace knife block
  • Add accent to back splash?
  • Label all food storage
  • Add art somewhere?

Laundry Room:

  • Better system for laundry supplies
  • Ditch or keep cleaning chart?
  • Add quirky art?
  • Utilize wire shelving


  • Hang large floral canvas here?
  • Maybe move Dallas print to living room
  • Sell wedding dress
  • Replace bins for outdoor gear
  • Clean out hall closet


  • Upgrade pillows
  • Style dresser
  • Different art above bed
  • Add more warmth

Master Bath:

  • Replace both art pieces
  • Swap shower curtains?
  • Clear counters
  • Purge/organize cabinets & drawers


  • Purge closets
  • Better storage for misc. craft supplies
  • Replace or revamp bookcase
  • Decrease amount of memorabilia
  • Use/sell/donate stuff that’s been sitting!
  • Sort through binders; DIGITIZE!

Guest Bath:

  • Take down bulletin boards
  • Ditch paint chip art
  • Sort through cabinets
  • Put large frame over towel bar

See? There is still plenty to be done!

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