electric love | neon valentine’s day presents

Hooray hooray, it’s almost Valentine’s day! Well, I guess you could call 2.5 weeks almost right? While I can totally admit that Josh and I aren’t 100% on board with obligatory gift giving holidays, I do love the spirit of Valentine’s day. It’s the chance to show appreciation and share some love with everyone! (You can go ahead and call me a hippie now.)

To kick off the countdown, I’m bringing some electric brightness into your day with some Neon Valentine’s Day Present inspiration!electric love | neon valentine's day presents

I found this crazy bright pink wrapping paper at Target during the post-Christmas sales and I had to snag it. As bright as it looks in the photos, it’s even more electric in person. Perfect for Valentine’s.electric love | neon valentine's day presentsMy goal here was to make pretty and uniquely wrapped presents using simple materials you probably have on hand. Because you don’t have to be a packaging designer to give a beautiful gift. So ditch the cheesy bag this year and try one of these!


First up, you can wrap your gift with a simple paper garland. For this one, I cut out hearts from a scrap of deep red paper and ran them through my sewing machine. If you don’t have a sewing machine or don’t feel like busting yours out, you could easily grab some string and a needle to thread your shapes together. Just cut to the appropriate length, wrap around your present, and secure on the bottom.


This one is totally my favorite. I gave an identical wrapped gift to a co-worker having and baby shower and she loved it. Simply wrap white string around the box a few times, criss-crossing as you go. Snip all but about 3 inches of stem from a silk flower (or real flower if your event is the same day) and weave under the string. The white really pops off the neon pink and the flower gives it a real flourish!


Last one up is so fun! Use some baker’s twine to create a classic parcel wrap. (Wrap around bottom to top, twist, and then wrap top to bottom. Secure with a knot underneath.) I double wrapped here. Then you can attach a sweet note with a mini clothes pin. I snipped a small piece of glittery ribbon and hot glued it to the top of the clothes pin to create an extra sparkling accent! It took no time at all but it makes for a really fun gift!

Super simple, super gorgeous, and not cheesy at all!

Do you give gifts on Valentine’s day? Share below!

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