minimalist-lite | 30-piece wardrobe

We’re still tackling the wardrobe this month to kick off our minimalist-lite series. Last week we tackled jewelry, but now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty: the closet!

When I was putting together my action plan of areas to streamline, I mentioned wanting to try out a 30-piece wardrobe project. I’d originally found this challenge on House For Five and I thought it was such a great concept! For my own challenge, I decided not to include underwear, shoes, pajamas, or tank tops. I wouldn’t actually consider those to be part of my wardrobe and just counting those would push me over 30, then I’d have nothing to wear. If you’re joining me, it’s okay to stick with actual wardrobe pieces (blouses, sweaters, jeans, skirts, dresses, jackets, etc). So, let’s try it out!minimalist-lite | 30-piece wardrobe


First off, I can definitively say that fashion and style is not a major interest of mine. I aim to look nice and pulled together and I want it to be simple. My goal is to walk into my closet and be able to pull together an outfit in no time at all.

To achieve this, I started with one. last. closet purge. I literally analyzed each article of clothing.

  • Does it fit comfortably?
  • Have I worn it recently?
  • Do I feel great wearing it?

If any item got a “no”, it was out! The great thing about these questions is they almost always tie in together. If you answer truthfully, you’ll pair down your closet in no time!


I know it’s so so tempting to save things for “someday.” Someday, I’ll be thinner. Someday, I’ll attend fancier events. The point of this is to fit your current lifestyle. What are you doing now? Because, you know what? If you do eventually drop a lot of weight, you can go out and buy clothes to replace your current wardrobe. (Notice I said replace, not add to!) If you get a job with a more formal dress code down the road, you can adapt. But don’t let items sit unused and take up your precious space for “someday.”


This little trick has saved me so much hassle! I just created my own little uniform! Boyfriend tee, cute cardigan, jeans, flats. Bam! Simple and pulled together every time. I feel comfortable everyday and it makes shopping a breeze.

minimalist-lite | 30-piece wardrobe

1. Blue V-Neck Cardigan | Target 2. Boyfriend Tees | Target 3. Skinny Jeans | Lane Bryant 4. Nude flats | Target

I literally have that exact outfit! And, yes, I shop at Target a lot! Boyfriend tees are so great because you can get them in pretty much any color and they work great in all temperatures; on it’s own in the summer and just add a layer or two in the winter. Now, the tee + cardigan + jeans + flats combo is not the only outfit I wear, but it is often my work attire, which accounts for five days out the week.

When I feel like dressing up a little more I love to wear dresses! My current dresses are pretty much all from eShakti which has the cutest retro dresses that you can order in custom sizes! The prices are even pretty darn reasonable and I haven’t bought a dress yet that I didn’t love.


Okay, now it’s time to spill. Did I meet the 30-piece goal? Yup! 28 pieces total!

  • Boyfriend tees (6)
  • Cardigans (6)
  • Long sleeve tees (2)
  • Blouses (3)
  • Black jeans
  • Blue jeans
  • Black skirt
  • Black and white chevron skirt
  • Heart pencil skirt
  • Black and white dress
  • Red ruffle front dress
  • Sailor dress
  • Red formal dress
  • Black leather jacket
  • Red blazer


So, you’ve cleared out your closet, everything that remains is something that fits well and that you love. Time to do the count! Did you hit 30 or less? Are you still over? Well, guess what? Either one is fine! The goal here is not to only have 30 pieces forever, it’s to have only things you love to wear in your closet. Thirty is really just an arbitrary number to get you started and a number to consider if the clothing clutter starts to pile up again.

I gotta tell you, after finishing this, I feel so much better. It’s a breeze to pick out clothes in the morning. Now to get Josh to try it… He totally has more clothes than I do!!

Are you taking part in this challenge? Let me know how your closet turned out!

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6 Comments on "minimalist-lite | 30-piece wardrobe"

  1. WOW, I’m so impressed that you got down to 30!! That would be unquestionably impossible for me. I get so attached to my clothes! A little thing I try to do is that if anything is a maybe, I put it in a maybe pile/area and come back to it days later. If I find that I forget about what’s in there, or didn’t end up looking for anything that was in that pile, I’ll get rid of it. it’s kind of like a baby step towards saying goodbye forever, and it makes me feel more confident about letting go! Baby steps.

  2. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that I loved this post so much that I’ve included your post in The Sunday Faviourates Please feel free to stop by and grab a button

  3. Less is more. So often I over load my head with the options I have, when I could be doing so much more productive things than staring at a closet with 15 blouse options. That 5 minutes is a waste of time. And I do that everyday with 10 different choices – thats an hour a day wasted. Simplify my options and I simplify my life.

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