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While I was doing my last closet purge this past weekend, I came across one final garment that needed to be addressed. My wedding dress. There it was; this giant white bag in the hall closet holding a dress that hasn’t seen the light of day in over three years. Honestly, it’d always been in my plan to get rid of it through some means, but I just hadn’t done it yet. This past weekend, I took that bag out of the closet and made the conscious decision to get rid of the dress I got married in.minimalist-lite | goodbye, wedding dress
For some women, I imagine this is a very hard decision to make. Not to get all feminist-y on you, but from childhood, we are constantly barraged with a set of expectations for our future nuptials. “The dress” is such a major part of that. But what’s the expectation when that day is over? Why do I need to keep this dress when all it really is is clutter?

Yes, I called my wedding dress clutter. You know why? (Make way for the cheese, please!) Because our wedding wasn’t really about the clothes. It was about us. When I look at the pictures from that day, I’m not seeing the dress; I’m seeing the stupid-in-love grins on our faces. minimalist-lite | goodbye, wedding dressAnd, when we got married, we were still in college, pretty much broke, and trying to figure out how to manage this party. To be 100% honest, I bought my wedding dress at a sample sale, by myself, at nineteen. Even though I did genuinely think it was a pretty dress back then, and even now, I picked it because it was there, it fit, and it was almost 60% off.

If we got married all over again today, I wouldn’t pick anything like this. My style has evolved so much in the past three years. I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve figured out a little more about me as a person.

minimalist-lite | goodbye, wedding dressSo, this weekend, I’ll be donating this dress. I don’t think it’d sell for much, but maybe it’ll be a special find for some other super short girl out there planning a wedding on a budget. And what will I have gained? Well, you might think just a little extra room. But I think, in addition to the closet space, I’ll be one step close to knowing who I am now and not clinging to the person I was at nineteen.

What are your thoughts on wedding dresses post-wedding? Keep or get rid of it? Share below!

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5 Comments on "minimalist-lite | goodbye, wedding dress"

  1. I love the idea of donating your wedding dress! it will hopefully pass on the love that you guys have to another couple :)

  2. emma says:

    Would you mind sharing where you’ll be donating it? Similarly mine is 3 years old, differently I still LOVE the aesthetic and emotions attached to it so it’s hard to part with….but part of me feels like someone else could put it to really good use. I’ve heard of donating it to military couples, or others in need. Just wondered what you considered!

  3. Jackie says:

    Megan, Such good sentiments and you will always have the pictures of it (which takes up less space). I definitely agree with the above comment about trying to find a good cause to donate it too. I still have my dress, and for a time I kept thinks a daughter might wear it some day, but I don’t have a daughter, and that is okay. I keep it though, because I made it and doubt anyone would want my handmade dress, but also I can’t seem to part with something I spent so much time making. To be totally honest though, it isn’t even hung up. It is folded in an unused dresser drawer.

    Love your honesty and dedication to clearing the clutter!

  4. I kept my dress for 9 years. Then I tried it on one more time. It didn’t fit the same and I didn’t have a girl, so off I went with it to the Salvation Army. I marched that garment bag right in and handed it over to the girls working there. They were less than thrilled to take it….another wedding gown…who cares.

    I thought that would make me want to rip it out of their hands and run out screaming, but I wasn’t even rattled. It was time to move on. It is only a dress and I have the photos. Plus, like you…if I did it again…my dress would be completely different.

    Thanks for linking up at our Twirl and Take a Bow Party! Hope to see you again!

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