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**Disclaimer! Yes, we’re talking about underwear today. Nothing crazy but, family members… this may not be the post for you**

I have been debating for a while whether or not to write this post. In some ways, writing about lingerie seems too revealing. I mean, obviously, we can’t pretend that lingerie isn’t something people buy all the time, but to claim it is a little frightening.

But in the end, obviously, I decided to write it. Why? Because, I’m an adult, I’ve been married for three years, and the fact that I own lingerie should not be a surprise to anyone. Plus, I spent months searching the internet for ways to organize it to no avail! I couldn’t find anything! I didn’t spend good money on this pretty stuff to shove it in a shoebox. So, I said “to hell with it, I’ll figure it out on my own and then share it for all the other ladies out there searching for solutions!” So, here we go… Lets talk about Simple Ways to Organize Your Lingerie!  simple ways to organize your lingerieThe first thing I had to do in order to organize everything is figure out what I have. While I don’t own a lot of lingerie, I do own a variety. Things like bras and corsets can be oddly shaped, while items like stockings need to be stored carefully to avoid tears and rips.

Once I laid everything out, I decided that what I needed was a large box to hold everything and then a few smaller boxes or compartments inside to store like items together. I ended up purchasing this Bold Graphite Box from the Container Store. It’s large enough to hold everything, it has two handles, and it’s pretty sturdy. Plus, at $13.00 it’s quite a steal for a storage box this large.

For inside storage I grabbed this PARLLRA Box set from IKEA. It comes with four sturdy fabric covered boxes in three different sizes.simple ways to organize your lingerieI folded two corsets in half and store them upright along the long side of the box. They came to me folded this way, so I assumed this was a safe method to store them. I keep bras with formed cups along the short side of the box standing upright. This helps to keep their shape. I also store a robe and even my wedding veil here along side the corsets.

In the larger fabric box, I store more flimsy items like undies. The medium black box holds accessories like garters and fun things like my black and white striped Halloween stockings. The two smallest boxes, labeled “Red” and “Black”, store hosiery. In their own tiny containers, they stand no chance of being torn up by rogue garters or clasps.simple ways to organize your lingeriePut a lid on that box and it’s a totally all encompassing and discreet way to store lingerie. It sits easily in our closet and doesn’t take up any precious drawer space in our dresser.

Obviously, we all have different “lingerie wardrobes” which will require variations in storage, especially if you have a lot, but I’ve had mine organized like this for a while now and I love it. It’s easy to pull out, keep neat, and protect everything inside.

Has storing things like lingerie ever been a trouble spot for you? Do you have any other storage secrets to add? Share below!

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4 Comments on "simple ways to organize your lingerie"

  1. I’m so glad that you wrote this post! I love the organization ideas that you have. Very smart! I also like that you can say that you store your lingerie in your little black box. :)

  2. Cindii says:

    I like this idea. Thanks for sharing. Nothing to be embarrassed about!

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