the minimalist-lite beauty routine

**I swear this isn’t turning into a beauty blog! This post is part of our Minimalist-Lite series! Find out what it is and how to get started!**

We’re moving up the progress ladder today! Last week I talked about my Minimalist-Lite make-up routine and today, I want to talk about the other half of that which is beauty products. minimalist-lite beauty productsEven though I’ve only been moderately into beauty and style for most of my adult life, I seem to have accumulated a lot of extra products in my side of the bathroom cabinet. So, this past weekend, I took a few minutes to clear out everything and chunk anything that I knew wasn’t going to get used. Now, I’ve got eight go-to works-every-time products that I use daily. My beauty routine is now easy to shop for because I know exactly what I need and it’s even easier to maintain.

Here’s what’s in my beauty arsenal. *None of the links below are affiliates. They are just what I use. 😀

minimalist-lite beauty products

I have naturally thin and wavy hair. Most morning, the easiest style to achieve is straightening it, so to prevent friz I use these Paul Mitchell Gloss Drops. I’ve had this bottle for about five years now, and I’ve still got plenty to go before it’s gone. You use so little, it lasts forever! On the other hand, my bangs area can get greasy really quickly, so if I go a day or two between showering, or style my hair for a nighttime event, I love to use this TIGI Rockaholic Dry Shampoo. It zaps grease out quickly and gives your hair a little volume boost at the same time. Other than this, I also use a hair brush, straightener and shampoo + conditioner.

minimalist-lite beauty products

To keep me feeling fresh, I use Tom’s of Maine Deodorant which is aluminum free and smells amazing. To moisturize I use the Trader Joe’s Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. I just started using this a few months ago and I love it. I already have naturally oily skin, but this feels light on my face and the scent is super neutral. And for every where else I use Vaseline Cocoa Butter. My mom used to use cocoa butter when I was little and it’s one of the few scented things I still love to this day. You’ll notice that there is no perfume here. I’m officially declaring myself “not a perfume person.” Just smelling clean will do.


At the end of the day, I just use the basic Up&Up Makeup Remover from Target. It totally gets the job done. And right before bed, I use the C.O. Bigelow Night Balm. It’s super hydrating and lasts throughout the night. Honestly, the C.O. Bigelow line is basically the only lip balm I use now. The Lemon Lip Balm goes on so smooth (NOT STICKY OR WAXY!) and tastes amazing. You know how most people don’t make it through a tube of chapstick before losing it? Well, I have made it through several of these because they are so awesome I never lose them! They are a little pricier for a lip balm, but you can often snag them at half price during Bath & Body Works sales. Just keep an eye out. minimalist-lite beauty products

The only other beauty products I’ve got fit into two small plastic storage bins. One contains my eye shadow palette and extra makeup. I always like to have an extra tube of mascara and eyeliner around so I don’t run out while getting ready! The other bin contains nail polish. Now, this is an area where I do have more than I need, but I figure as long as my nail polish in contained to just this one bin, it’s all good. So, yes, I own 18 bottles of nail polish, but I’m okay with it.

Tell me about your beauty routine? Do you like it simple or do you love a lot of extra products to experiment with? Any great organizing ideas for this area? Share below!

5 Comments on "the minimalist-lite beauty routine"

  1. Ashley says:

    I love those plastic bins, where did you get them? I could definitely use them to store some of my bathroom items (I have waaay more nail polish than that so I could definitely stand to lose a few!).

  2. My nail polish collection is out of control! But, I kind of like it that way too :)

  3. I’m in serious need of downsizing my beauty items. You know it’s a problem when you don’t even know what you have anymore!
    I’ve at least successfully downsized my skincare routine. I used to use something like 5 products each for day and night time, which is so ridiculous when I think back to it. Now I’m down to mostly toner and moisturizer and I really feel like my skin is doing better because of it. I definitely prefer things simple!

  4. I love having just a few everyday beauty items that i use…now makeup I have loads and I just can’t part with it! Hehehe

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