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Hey gang! Sorry for the radio silence early on this week. Honestly, this past weekend, Josh and I spent a whole lot of time having fun and not a whole lot tackling the to-do list. But, you know what? It was the best weekend we’ve had in a while, so it was totally worth it!

But anyways, today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite articles, videos, and resources I’ve come across while starting our Minimalist-Lite series. When I started writing about this lifestyle transition early this year, I wasn’t coming in with a full plan. I’m kind of learning and sharing as I go and I figured other people out there, trying to live better with less, would totally love more inspiration to keep them on the right track.minimalist-lite | resources + inspiration

  1. How to Get Rid of Stuff | Fay Wolf for Apartment Therapy
  2. 12 Things You Probably Own Too Many Of | Apartment Therapy
  3. How to Live on 100 Things or Less Infographic | Yumi Sakugawa for WonderHowTo
  4. I Feel Bad About My Stuff (Getting Rid of Emotional Clutter) | Ladies Home Journal
  5. Living with Less. A lot Less. | Graham Hill for
  6. The entirety of The Minimalists blog. They are currently on tour promoting their newest book and we’ll be seeing them in Dallas next month! See if they’re coming to your city!!
  7. 9 Ways to Need Less Money | Tiny Buddah
  8. 10 Reasons Our Family Wants to Live with Less Stuff | Live Renewed

Now, these are only my top eight. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to more Minimalist-Lite ideas and I’m always looking for others. The more I stay involved in the process and learning new information, the more excited I get about everything!

Do you have any other articles, videos, or challenges to help organize and purge extra stuff? I’d love to know what you’ve found! Share below!

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2 Comments on "minimalist-lite | resources + inspiration"

  1. Love this series and these resources!! I am so inspired now. Those articles were really eye opening. I can’t wait to learn more and try and put into practice this advice!

  2. Jackie says:

    Megan, you know I think this series rocks and this is such a great round up of articles. Laura, from the Turquoise Home, just wrote an amazing post on dealing with sentimental things you don’t love, but can’t seem to get rid of:

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