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Happy Monday! Today, we’re talking about labels. Specifically, my awesome new label maker and how awesome it is. This was one of the few things I specifically requested for Christmas and I love it.  Up until now, every label I’ve made has either been hand written or I’ve had to create them in Photoshop. But hand written labels usually end up bugging me because my penmenship is not so fantastic and creating labels from scratch on the computer can be a little time-consuming. It’s nice to have an option where a perfect label is made instantaneously.

get organized | the brother p-touch label makerAfter doing some online research, I decided to ask for the Brother PT-1800 Label Maker. It has generally good reviews and is used by one of my favorite organizers, Alejandra! That girl can organize anything and I do trust her recommendations.

get organized | the brother p-touch label makerSo, what have I labeled so far? Well, first I attacked my stationary boxes. They had handwritten labels that needed replacing. I also added labels to some of our food storage containers. I loved the idea to label the mixing instructions for our pancake mix right on the container. No need to flip through a cookbook or save the recipe from the box. And then, I created some “Willis” labels to put on our reusable shopping bags so the baggers will know they already belong to us. This baby also really came in handy for Josh’s classroom supplies and when I organized all my lingerie!

For my official review, I’d say this label maker does exactly what you need it to. It comes with a few cool features like typing vertical and 2 font selections. My only complaint so far is that it uses a lot of excess tape at the beginning and end of each label. I usually end up chopping some of it off, so that starts to feel a little wasteful after a while. But other than that, it’s a fantastic little label maker that makes organizing super simple!

Favorite way to label things: GO!

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  1. Jackie says:

    I love my P-touch too, but totally agree about the waste at the start and end of the labels. You should definitely try the clear label tape, which you can put over cuter labels or washi tape!

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