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Make This | Gold Foil Art in PSE

Man! I have been a little behind on blogging this past week, huh? All I can say is it’s been a little bit crazy around here. But, have no fear, because we are back and I’m sharing a super simple way to make Gold Foil Art in Photoshop Elements over at Teal & Lime! 

Make This | Gold Foil Art in Photoshop Elements

Gold foil has been my jam lately but DIY versions can be a little tricky. I even tried this a DIY version with this cheeky faux gold foil art last Christmas but I wanted to create an even easier technique! So, head out to Teal & Lime for the full tutorial! Seriously, it’s crazy simple!

Don’t have Photoshop Elements? No worries! By hopping over, you can also score a free printable of this cute “Hooray!” print! I made it just for you. 😀

freebie | kind valentines

Happy Monday gang! Today, I have a fun little last-minute treat for your Valentine’s week. Last year, I created some Kind Valentine’s to print out and put random places on February 14th. I know Valentine’s day usually focuses on “that one special person” in your life, but wouldn’t it be nice just to share some love with everyone?

So this year, I’m continuing the tradition with some more Kind Valentine’s which are free to download and print! free download | kind valentines Continue reading →

freebie | holiday travel checklist

Holiday traveling is what I like to consider the epitome of a “necessary evil.” Because, you see, I really really want to see my family for the holidays… but, I never feel up to the actual getting there part. For us, it involves navigating both big cities (and their notoriously horrible drivers) and country-bumpkin-one-lane-roads with people who wouldn’t drive the speed limit if I paid them too.

The only solace I can find is the fact that in (hopefully) six hours I’ll be hugging my mom AND that I’ve got everything I could possibly need for the trip. That’s where this handy little travel checklist comes in:

freebie | holiday travel checklistThis is actually one of the printables we sell in our little Etsy shop, but today you are getting this fo’ free until the end of December! I whipped up this fancy, as comprehensive as possible packing list for any possible trip. It’s got spaces for all the normal stuff but I also threw in space to plan outfits!freebie | holiday travel checklist

The second page is great for big trips. You know, the kind where you hop on an aircraft? That, kind. We don’t fly very often, so we always take extra caution when planning those. On this page, you can plan carry on items and airport essentials. Plus, there’s a countdown calendar to make sure every tiny task gets done right down to the day.freebie | holiday travel checklistIt’s pretty customizable with lots of extra spaces to write in items unique to your trip. Simply print and go! Just click to download. Yay! Now, let’s all get where we’re going safely!

Put you best and greatest travel tip below! Go!

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freebie | kind valentines

It’s the week of Valentine’s and today, I’m bringing you a fun free printable for some kind valentines. I know, I know, I’m way past the school age where handing out valentine’s is expected but I just can’t help myself.


So, I made these simple and fun valentine’s in photoshop. They don’t have any names and they aren’t necessarily mushy. They’re just nice.

I thought it would be fun to hand them out kind of randomly. On a table at Starbucks, under someone’s windshield wiper, maybe a mailbox or two? This February 14th, I just want to make someone’s day.


And, here’s a printable for you. You can just cut them out and hand them out to anyone who could use some extra love this week.

kind-valentines-free-printable copy

Download the free printable here!!

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? J and I usually like to avoid the rush and hang out at home together, and for two home-body dorks, that’s mighty fine!

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get organized for the holidays!

**Update! I’m now teaching a Holiday Prep Boot Camp on! Because of this I’ll no longer be able to offer free holiday printables in this post! BUT, you can easily register for my e-course to get more printables, tips, and tricks to have your most organized holiday season ever. You can also get more class info from this post, here!**

I don’t know about you guys, but it is a yearly tradition for me to catch the “holiday bug” around the end of August. I just can’t help myself. Fall is my favorite season and I start to crave the warmth and excitement of the later months. And since my husband is faster than me (and also very apt to catching the decorating-crazed look in my eye), I get my holiday high from preparation rather than having to explain why exactly I’m putting up the Christmas tree in September before he has me committed.

My pride and joy as of late has been my Holiday and Party Binder. Its. Got. Everythinggg and it makes my heart happy. Today, I’ll give you a short run down of mine (to help you with yours!) and some free printables so you can get started too! Let’s go!

  • The first tab is dedicated to “Birthdays!” I’m a big believer in birthdays and try my darndest to make sure all my family gets, at minimum, a nice card. Here, I keep a calendar of all family birthdays and a gift planning worksheet.
  • Next up is the “Upcoming Holiday” Tab. With the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas (which get their own), I lump all holidays into one tab. Here, I keep our “Traditions Checklist” and also any decorating and party planning worksheets. Once the holiday is over, I’ll replace the worksheets with new ones for whatever holiday is next. Pretty Simple.
  • The next two tabs are “Thanksgiving” and “Christmas”, respectively. They both contain recipes (we have a different menu for each), menu planner, house guest planner, party planner, and a tradition checklist.
  • “Christmas” also gets a Christmas Card List, a Gift Planner, a General Gift Planner (for hostess/boss/secret santa gifts; we put together a few of one gift to have on hand), and a Gifts Received List (so we can be sure to send out Thank You’s!).
  • A tab dedicated to “Traveling” helps me keep trip itineraries and packing lists organized.
  • The last few tabs contain extra blank sheets, sheets from past years, and, at the very back, I keep an “Inspiration” tab. Thanks to Pinterest, this tab is largely unused, but I do have a few magazine pages I save for reference.

Now for the free stuff!

Here are my Gift Planning Worksheet, my General Gift Planner, and my House Guest Planner so you can start your own holiday binder (or add to the one you already have, you savvy thing!). These printables are uncluttered, work for all holidays, and won’t jack up your printer ink bill. I am hoping to get the rest of the planning sheets mentioned available to print, so stay tuned  for more.

When it comes to the holidays, do you get an early start or are do you love the later December scramble?