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make this | simple color block art

Today is not just your average Tuesday. Nope, it’s actually a very exciting day! Today, I make my little debut as a contributor for Teal & Lime! I met Jackie, the creative awesome-ness behind Teal & Lime, at the Haven Conference last year and we immediately became friends. I’ve been a fan of her modern and colorful style for a long time and meeting her in real life was a little nerve wracking, but once the introductions were out of the way, we had what seemed like an effortless conversation that didn’t end until the conference was over. Being chosen to be a monthly contributor for her site was definitely a pinch-me moment!

Every month, I’ll be sharing a simple and graphic project over at Teal & Lime and I’m kicking off the series with this crazy-simple DIY Color Block Art.make this | simple color block artSeriously, you can not mess this up, and once you pop it in a frame, it looks totally swanky! Head over to Teal & Lime to see the full tutorial!

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last-minute yarn wrapped gifts

Well, hello Two Days Before Christmas! How’d you get here so friggin’ fast? Josh and I are actually hanging out with our families in our home town this week, but I just had to squeeze in one more quick post for any last-minute holiday stragglers out there!

If you’ve still got gift wrapping on the to-do list, then I’ve got one more super-quick and cute way to wrap ’em up! Yarn!last-minute yarn wrapped gifts

This is the method we used to wrap all of our gifts this year and I just love the way the yarn looks paired with the kraft paper! Plus, it ties in quite nicely with our “crafty Christmas” theme.last-minute yarn wrapped giftsLiterally, all you need is yarn! last-minute yarn wrapped giftsThe three main ‘designs’ I did were tassels, poms, and just plain wrapped.

  • Tassels: You can use our own Yarn Tassel Ornament tutorial! Just skip the ornament part and attach it to your present.
  • Poms: I like this pom-pom tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. These take a little longer to make, but the result is like a huge dollop of cuteness right on top of your box.
  • Plain wrapped: No tutorial here. Just start at one end and wrap and wrap and wrap criss-crossing directions as you go. This works especially great for small boxes and “manly” gifts.

last-minute yarn wrapped giftsTo finish them off, I used a gold sharpie and small white note cards to make gift tags. I just slid them right under the yarn. Easy-peasy!

So, be honest! What’s still on your to-do list??

make this | diy yarn tassel ornaments

This year I wanted to go with a sort of “Crafty Christmas” theme with lots of bright colors and handmade elements. One medium I’ve really been loving lately is yarn! The texture is warm and cozy and the color choices are endless, so I thought it would be fun to create some DIY yarn tassel

There are several steps but once you finish one, you’ll see that the process is pretty you need is the yarn of your choice, scissors, and a piece of cardboard. Make sure you cut the cardboard with one side the length you want your tassel plus a little extra. Inevitably, you’ll have some scraggly edges to trim towards the end, so give yourself a little wiggle by wrapping yarn around the “length” side of your cardboard. The more you wrap, the chunkier your tassel will be. It just depends on how you want the finished product to look. Personally, I prefer the more squat and chunky an additional piece of yarn (about double the length of your cardboard piece) and slide it under your wrapped yarn. Loosely tie to prevent everything from unraveling when we cut the, take your scissors and slice along the edge opposite of the loose knot you just, lay remove from the cardboard and lay down on a flat surface to tighten the knot. This piece of yarn will become the “hanging string” so keep it separate from the other strands and tie and knot at the top to create that done! Just fold in half, and start wrapping yarn around the top portion of your tassel. Keep wrapping until you get that “band width” you like. Then in a knot and tuck it in with the rest of the yarn hanging down. It’ll blend right it a little hair, there it is! Cute, simple, and handmade’ve got a few deep colors adorning our tree and I love them. You could also use these for festive garlands or to dress up gifts. They are so simple and inexpensive to make, plus they give that warm, handmade touch.

Do you have a theme for your Christmas tree this year? What is it? Does it change every year? Share below!

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gilded pumpkin-y goodness

So, we kind of failed on the Halloween tradition front last month. The pretty little pumpkin I picked up at Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago has sat untouched on our bookcase for the whole spooky month. Whomp whomp.

But this past weekend, I couldn’t bear it any longer. I took down our Halloween decorations and set out to dress up this poor little gourd in something fancy.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-promoAnd what’s fancier than gold, right? This quick little project took the whole of an hour and now a gilded pumpkin graces our bookcase.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-3To make your own gilded pumpkin all you need to do is tape a border around the top portion of your gourd. Since, pumpkins are pretty oddly shaped, you’ll have a hard time getting a perfect circle, but the goal isn’t perfection. Just make sure you press the tape into all the grooves.

Once I had my line taped, I also secured a plastic bag around the bottom part to prevent any spray paint splatter. I wanted a nice crisp line.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-comboTo get the best gold sheen, I used some Krylon Metallic spray paint I had left over from this gilded chair makeover. Two quick coats was all it took. I let it sit outside for about 45 minutes before bringing it indoors.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-9And while the dipped gold look was fantastic on it’s own, I also added a few yarn tassels to bring in some more fall colors! These were super easy to whip up and make sure this pretty pumpkin looks more autumn-y than spooky.

gilded-fall-pumpkin-6Do you use pumpkins as decorations after Halloween? What are you favorite no-carve methods for dressing them up? Share below!

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creepy-cool halloween wreath!

Usually, I’m not a “wreath for every season” sort of gal, but I have been really jonesing for an awesome Halloween wreath this year ever since I discovered this amazing striped wreath by thechicadeeshop on etsy! I would have totally bought that one just to support another awesome etsy shop, but it was made special order. No worries, though! My DIY genes kicked in and I set off to create a similar version all on my own! And here it is:pool-noodle-halloween-wreath-promo

Ah! Isn’t it just so creepy-cool?! It’s overtly Halloween themed without being cheesy or traditional. And the best part? This whole project cost less than $5.00! I’m so cheap it’s scary!!

In the past, I’ve used foam wreaths but for some weird reason, foam is super expensive! You know what’s not expensive though? Pool noodles! Especially from the dollar store. Yup, that’s right. I just snagged this child’s pool toy, duct taped it into a circle, and BAM! Instant wreath shape for one measly dollar!

creepy-cool-halloween-wreath-comboTo make the black and white stripes, I cut 2 inch pieces of felt and hot glued them around the wreath, overlapping as I went. If you do try this technique, make sure to glue everything in the back, just in case it gets a little messy. I actually really loved this method for make equal stripes. It took me about an hour to carefully lay each piece, but the stripes are clean and equal distant apart, which is what I was hoping for.

To top it off, I pinned up a black lace bow made from an extra fat quarter I had laying around and hung that glittery skull right in the center. I also picked up the skull from the dollar store. The eyes even light up and change colors, so at night, it looks like it wants to steal your soul!!!

pool-noodle-halloween-wreath-6The best part is, I only attached the bow and skull with straight pins! So, I could easily adapt this striped wreath to fit almost any other occasion with a quick switch!

What are your thoughts on seasonal wreaths? Are you an all-year-round sort of person? Just around the holidays? Or is it a no-go on door decor? Share below!!