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a (super late) holiday hello

Well hello there! I mean, it’s only been 7 months since I’ve posted! Sheesh!

I know that Christmas is three days passed, but I really wanted to squeeze in a quick post of our holiday decorations this year. Even though it’s been ridiculously busy around 816, we still managed to get some festive touches up before Christmas passed us by.


I decided to skip the specific color scheme this year and just go crazy with bright, traditional, warm colors. I snagged some vintage style LED lights on sale last year and they really made our tree glow.

To make our Christmas card collection look extra festive I filled our wire wreath from CB2 with some rose gold ornament garlands (also from CB2). And in the hallway, I swapped our our bright flowers with winter berries and a snow-fall inspired garland above.

This year I tried to bring in more holiday elements throughout the apartment instead of just the tree and card wreath. It’s always more fun to see touches of Christmas everywhere you look.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday. We’ll talk again soon!

DIY Floral Wall Installation

I have been struggling to find a permanent decorative solution for our long hallway for as long as we lived here. Most of the past two years, it’s been a giant beige blank slate. Last summer, I got a little nutty and turned some left over moving supplies into art and then for the holidays I strung up a DIY light strand tree, but I’ve been craving something better. Something bold. And something really awesome.

So, I got way into the spirit of spring and loaded up our hallway with flowers!

DIY Floral Wall InstallationIf you follow me on instagram, you might have even seen a couple of hints:

DIY Floral Wall InstallationI used 16 of these beaker glass tube wall vases from CB2 and a variety of different flowers from Hobby Lobby to create this fun and easy DIY Floral Wall Installation.

The part of this project that took the longest was picking out the blooms! I strolled the floral aisles for a good 40 minutes to find a really good mix of interesting colors and shapes. You can see I didn’t just limit myself to flowers. There are a few weird items like lavender and spiky little reed-like things. But together as a whole, it turned into a big wall of fun.

DIY Floral Wall InstallationAs for the actual how-to, I just measured out the length of wall I wanted to use and divided that by the number of test tubes I had (16) to get my spacing. I decided to hang them at varying heights to accommodate for larger blooms and to take up more vertical space in the hallway. After the measuring, I used small nails to hang the tubes, trimmed the stems and extra leaves from my faux flowers and fiddled around to find a nice, balanced arrangement. It took one hour tops.

DIY Floral Wall Installation

And it’s such a happy project! I love walking through the hallway now. Plus, I figured when the seasons change, it’ll be fun to swap out these bright flowers for  fall foliage or more traditional holiday blooms. It’s completely versatile, which is exactly what a gal like me wants!

How have you spruced up a hallway in your home? Working on any floral projects lately? Share below!

color pops | water color blooms with ProFlowers

*Disclaimer: I was approached by ProFlowers to give my opinion on floral trends. No compensation was provided. All opinions are my own.

It’s spring time now and that means it’s time to bring on the bright colors! Today, I’m pleased to be sharing my favorite floral trend for 2014 and this month’s Color Pops board inspired by my choice!

Last month, ProFlowers contacted me for my opinion on this year’s best floral trends. I was super excited about it because I love fresh flowers. Even though most plants would run away from me if they could, fresh cut flowers are one of my favorite ways to liven up any room. It’s an instant boost.

Of course, ProFlowers didn’t make it easy to choose with their beautifully crafted inspiration boards, but after a few minutes, I knew which one was my favorite:

color pops | water color blooms with ProFlowers

All those dreamy shades of blue of course! Ahh! It’s relaxing and inspiring and beautiful all at the same time. So, in addition to fresh blooms, how else can you embrace this vibe and bring it into your home? Here are a few of my favorite ideas.

color pops | water color blooms with ProFlowers

1. Mint Shower Curtain | Nate Berkus for Target 2. Whirly Hanging Candle holder | CB2 3. Square Aqua Hi-Gloss Frame | CB2 4. Moby Measuring Cups | Anthropologie 5. Dip-Dyed Pillows | Anthropologie 6. Wide Stripe Flat Weave Rug in Spa Green | Shades of Light

I’m seriously in love with everything on this board! Especially that dip-dyed pillow! We actually have a few of those whirly candle holders from CB2 and they are so fun. Plus, they would really come in handy for lighting citronella candles outdoors this spring!

Which floral trend is your favorite? Want more floral inspiration? You’ll find plenty on the ProFlowers blog… seriously, go now!

Make This | Gold Foil Art in PSE

Man! I have been a little behind on blogging this past week, huh? All I can say is it’s been a little bit crazy around here. But, have no fear, because we are back and I’m sharing a super simple way to make Gold Foil Art in Photoshop Elements over at Teal & Lime! 

Make This | Gold Foil Art in Photoshop Elements

Gold foil has been my jam lately but DIY versions can be a little tricky. I even tried this a DIY version with this cheeky faux gold foil art last Christmas but I wanted to create an even easier technique! So, head out to Teal & Lime for the full tutorial! Seriously, it’s crazy simple!

Don’t have Photoshop Elements? No worries! By hopping over, you can also score a free printable of this cute “Hooray!” print! I made it just for you. 😀

Color Pops | Hearts All-Year-Round

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovies!! I thought today would be the perfect day to share the month’s Color Pops post! I really do love the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day and I love all the cute decorations that come with it. By why do pinks and reds and lovely hearts have to disappear in March? Why not keep it going from February to February?

Today, I’m sharing a fun round up of heart-y home goods to keep the love going all-year-round!!

Color Pops | Hearts All-Year-Round1. Red Heart Linen Pillow Cover | Sukan on Etsy 2. Lovely Love Print in Pink | Tuesday Morning on Etsy 3. Ceramic Ring Plate with Red Hearts | RossLab on Etsy 4. Heart | 5. Bestie Bobbi Set | 6. Striped Heart iPhone Case | 7. Black Heart Wall Decals | Tayo Studio on Etsy

I know, I know I’ve got a whole lot of going on here, but you guys, I just straight love that shop. I think the branding and product design is genius. I actually have the red and white iPhone case and I love it. I’ll admit that I kindof made these pillows to match!

And how cute would those black heart wall decals be in a nursery or office? The answer is “So. So cute!”

So, don’t let the holiday police get you down! Hearts are for the whole year! On your tech, in your hair, and around your home!

Which are your favorites?

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