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Color Pops | Hearts All-Year-Round

Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovies!! I thought today would be the perfect day to share the month’s Color Pops post! I really do love the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day and I love all the cute decorations that come with it. By why do pinks and reds and lovely hearts have to disappear in March? Why not keep it going from February to February?

Today, I’m sharing a fun round up of heart-y home goods to keep the love going all-year-round!!

Color Pops | Hearts All-Year-Round1. Red Heart Linen Pillow Cover | Sukan on Etsy 2. Lovely Love Print in Pink | Tuesday Morning on Etsy 3. Ceramic Ring Plate with Red Hearts | RossLab on Etsy 4. Heart | 5. Bestie Bobbi Set | 6. Striped Heart iPhone Case | 7. Black Heart Wall Decals | Tayo Studio on Etsy

I know, I know I’ve got a whole lot of going on here, but you guys, I just straight love that shop. I think the branding and product design is genius. I actually have the red and white iPhone case and I love it. I’ll admit that I kindof made these pillows to match!

And how cute would those black heart wall decals be in a nursery or office? The answer is “So. So cute!”

So, don’t let the holiday police get you down! Hearts are for the whole year! On your tech, in your hair, and around your home!

Which are your favorites?

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do it yourself: simple upholstered headboard

Please prepare yourself for the amazing-ness that is this project. A DIY upholstered headboard has been at the very top of my project list since our move to 816 and now that it’s done, the bedroom feels about 1000% better. That room is a long way from being complete but progress is progress, people.

Pretty much the only decorative item in our bedroom up until this point has been these fantastic graphic curtains from IKEA. We paired these with the sheer curtains from our last apartment to really frame out the window and make that wall look full. The only thing is, with such a huge, graphic pattern demanding the eye’s attention on the wall, I had a really hard time figuring out what would look best for our headboard. Any pattern I pictured clashed and the idea of a completely solid color seemed pretty boring. So, I kind of came up with a middle ground.

Now, there are tutorials for similar projects all over blog land but I will give a brief rundown of ours, you know, since you’re already here.

I picked up a 60”x26” piece of plywood and a large French cleat to hang the finished product from Lowe’s. The rest of my supplies came from Wal-Mart and included a twin-size foam mattress topper, quilt batter, white grosgrain ribbon, and a dark gray, twin-sized bed sheet. I also used a staple gun, a crap-ton of staples, and some heat-n-bond hemming tape that I already had at home.

Honestly, this is a pretty simple project. It took us an afternoon from start to finish.

First, I cut my foam to be the same size as my plywood. I found a steak knife works as good as anything. I didn’t go out of my way to a clean line and cut just a little outside the border of the plywood to ensure the entire surface would be soft.

Next, we wrapped the batting around the foam and plywood, stapling it in place. We got three layers out of the roll of batting we bought.

And then the fabric. The key to this project is making sure that everything you’re stapling down is pulled taught. You don’t want any wrinkles or sagging down the road, so pull that fabric into submission and don’t be afraid to give your staple gun a workout.

Now from here, the headboard is basically done, and the only things left to be done are add decorative touches and hang on the wall.

Since we went with a solid, dark gray fabric, I decided to dress it up with a simple white ribbon accent. The ribbon is fused to the fabric with some heavy duty Heat and Bond tape. The result is simple but more dressy than one solid color.

There are lots of different suggestions for how to hang a headboard like this, but we chose the French Cleat. I picked up this one at Lowe’s for about $10.00. It supports up to 200lbs so I know our headboard isn’t going anywhere. And it is super simple to install! This one even came with a little level to help you keep it straight. One part attaches to the headboard, the other to the wall, and they just sit into each other. (It also helps if you have a math teacher husband to do all the measuring for you!)

And, here’s the finished product! It’s such huge improvement already!

But, of course, the bedroom is far from being complete (for instance the extremely mismatched bedding) and we’ve got quite a few projects coming to pull it together. I want to bring in some more color and patterns for a happier space. What does that mean? Fun pillows, cool DIY art, and probably new bedding. I think I’ll go lounge in luxury with our new headboard now… ahhhhh.

Did you DIY or buy your headboard? Or do you even have one? What are your favorite styles? Share below!

on a budget: the end of the “home spending embargo!”

Holey toleto, how in the world is it November already? I feel like I say that at the beginning of every month, but it really feels like this year is coming to a close so fast! But with the arrival of November, we officially end October’s Home Spending Embargo. That’s right, early last month, I set a goal to spend no money on frivolous home related purchases.

Did I accomplish this goal? The quick answer is no. But I did learn a lot about distinguishing between a spontaneous impulse purchase and a planned, purposeful purchase.

This month I made two home related purchases:

One, new coffee mugs: This has been on our want list for a while. Pretty much ever since, a small piece of our original mugs wound up on the floor, and then a short time later, lodged in my foot. Ouch! I picked up these colorful mugs from the Crate & Barrel outlet for $2.95 each. They’re a great shape, have an unexpected pop of color, and the price ain’t too shabby either. All in all, a good purchase with a grand total of $22.57.

And two, all the materials to DIY an upholstered headboard for the master bedroom. When we moved a few months ago, we sold our bedroom set because of space issues and downgraded to an inexpensive metal frame. The bedroom has been looking so empty and unfinished, that I finally stopped piddling and put the wheels in motion. A full post on this project is coming soon. All the materials ran us around $50.00. And it was well worth it. Here’s a sneak peek:

So, no, it wasn’t a perfect no-spending month but it was a good challenge. I mean, honestly, if I survived this month without fleeing to Target in a desperate search for the new Nate Berkus line, I must have done pretty well.

our colorful life: it’s fall, ya’ll!

Welcome to October! Finally, right? The TLC household is gladly welcoming the cooler weather. Josh and I have been busy adjusting to this whole “grown-up” thing now that we both have jobs and I’ll definitely admit that it’s been quite the juggling act. But we’ve got lots to look forward to in the coming months so that keeps our spirits up and our minds (relatively) sane.


Here are the entries from my daily, one-line journal for September:

1. A lazy day at home + Night at the Roxbury!
2. Finally put up kitchen towel bar! Success!
3. A mind reading moment with J. “You know what I want to watch? Harry Potter!”
4. Interview & impromptu CEO meeting at RTR
5. Found awesome hot pink awesome while roaming Dallas
6. Already planning for the holidays!
7. Lots of Scribble play time.
8. Afternoon poolside with J in 80 degree weather
9. Fall candle & candy corn to kick off autumn
10. Once again indulging in Harry Potter
11. Birthday chats with Mom, Nana, & Mrs. Willis
12. HIRED! Offered a position with Real Time Resolutions
13. Lunch date with J, shopping, & Aunt Brandi’s preggo!
14. Last free Friday at home.
15. Stayed in bed and snuggled until 2:30
16. Getting prepped & organized for first day
17. 1st day at 1st post graduate full time job!
18. Praying for Emily today (Colonoscopy procedure)
19. After work, windows down, music on, enjoying fall
20. Adorned my head with a very large sockbun. Felt spiffy all day.
21. Date night at Sunset Homecoming game!
22. Weekend are better after a long work week!
23. The weekends are also shorter!
24. On a mission to create a happy workspace
25. “Celebrate Colorfully” is born
26. Our 1st door-to-door fundraiser purchase: 2 chocolate bars
27. Feeling really confident about Celebrate Colorful
28. A letter in the mail from Tabetha!
30. Rainy day craft shopping
31. A pumpkin spice latte to celebrate fall

What did you love about last month? What are you most looking forward to now? Share below!