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Hand Stenciled Kitchen Towels

Happy Friday! How about a super simple and cheery project to start off your weekend? I’m over at Teal & Lime today sharing a tutorial for these fun hand stenciled kitchen towels! They would make a perfect house warming or hostess gift. And hey, Mother’s Day is coming up too! Or just make a few to brighten up your own kitchen! Hop over to see the details!

Hand Stenciled Kitchen Towels

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nss | ruffled crepe paper garlands

Happy February!! I’m kicking off this month-o-love with the next project in our Noob Sewing Series! At least once a month, I’m breaking out my good ol’ IKEA SY sewing machine to teach myself how to sew.

Last month, I made the simplest DIY envelope pillow case, but for the second installment, I thought I’d start embracing the Valentine’s Day spirit with these adorable (and crazy easy) ruffled crepe paper garlands.nss | ruffled crepe paper garlands

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make this | simple color block art

Today is not just your average Tuesday. Nope, it’s actually a very exciting day! Today, I make my little debut as a contributor for Teal & Lime! I met Jackie, the creative awesome-ness behind Teal & Lime, at the Haven Conference last year and we immediately became friends. I’ve been a fan of her modern and colorful style for a long time and meeting her in real life was a little nerve wracking, but once the introductions were out of the way, we had what seemed like an effortless conversation that didn’t end until the conference was over. Being chosen to be a monthly contributor for her site was definitely a pinch-me moment!

Every month, I’ll be sharing a simple and graphic project over at Teal & Lime and I’m kicking off the series with this crazy-simple DIY Color Block Art.make this | simple color block artSeriously, you can not mess this up, and once you pop it in a frame, it looks totally swanky! Head over to Teal & Lime to see the full tutorial!

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make this | starry constellation art

A few weeks ago when I shared our little sneak attack bedroom makeover, you might have noticed one of the frames above our bed was basically just a blank sheet of blue paper. I knew I wanted to create some sort of DIY art for the frame, but I wasn’t sure what. After combing through my diy art board on pinterest and still not finding quite what I was looking for, it hit me. Stars!starry-constellation-art-promo

Not only is space the most mind-blowing and awesome thing but stars are also pretty and perfectly suitable for bedroom art. I decided to use the big dipper for inspiration and create some sleep-inducing (in the good way!!) constellation art with just blue card stock and metallic gold paint. With so little paint, it took about five whole minutes from start to sticking that bad boy in a frame and hanging it in our boudoir.

Here’s how you can make your own!


The thing that really makes this project for me, is using the pencil for teeny-tiny background stars. I just put them on the paper with no pattern in mind so they looked random. The little flecks of gold still let the obvious shape of the constellation stand out, but fill in the space all nice and pretty. I also used the same metallic paint that I used to revamp the frame this art is in, so the metallic shades don’t clash. starry-constellation-art-15

And here it is above our bed. The glare from the glass makes it a little tough to get the full effect, but it is a perfect addition to our bedroom art. Plus, navy blue is a big player in this room with the curtains and art over the dresser, so it really brings the room full circle. And it was basically free; made from what I already had! You know that’s how I do it! starry-constellation-art-20

Now we can dream a little sweeter with sparkling stars over our heads. I also think this would be fun with other constellations, maybe your horoscope if you’re into that? Or just a random star pattern with a collection of the large and teeny-tiny “stars”.  Ooh! Or even write your name in the stars! That would be super adorable in a kid’s room! Yeah, I’m definitely filing this project under “awesome!”

What’s your favorite planet? Mine is probably Jupiter because it’s basically the guardian of our little solar system. If it wasn’t for Jupiter (and it’s massive size), we little earthlings would be a lot more vulnerable to flying space junk! Thanks, Jupiter!!

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make this: hula hoop frames (pinterest challenge time!!)

It’s Pinterest Challenge time!!! We’ve been working hard to finish up the bedroom and for this challenge I thought it was finally time to tackle the space above our dresser. Lately, I’ve been loving big round frames and mirrors, but the thing about large, circular mirrors? They are hella expensive.

And then I had a thought. Hula hoops are big.. and round… and frame-like. HULA HOOPS, PEOPLE!! I made frames out of hula hoops.


This project is pretty easy and very inexpensive. I picked up two hula hoops from the dollar store in two slightly different sizes. diy-hula-hoop-frame-1

Then, I also grabbed a can of Krylon Fusion spray paint in a dark gray. This stuff is made to cling to plastic surfaces which is awesome. There was no bubbling or anything, just a smooth finish. diy-hula-hoop-frame-suppliesAll I had to do was find the split on each hoop, slice the ribbon and unravel it, then pour out the little noisemakers on the inside (which in dollar store hula hoops, is apparently just rocks…). A couple of coats of spray paint and a few hours drying time and my large hoop was done.

To mix up the look, I used a dark charcoal yarn to wrap the smaller hoop. They are similar in color but different textures which looks really Now what to put in the frames? I’ve been loving this quote that I found on Pinterest for a while and I decided to recreate it with a poster and a sharpie. It’s not perfect but it’s kind of got that charming DIY look. diy-hula-hoop-frame-14

Inside the large frame, I strung up some twine and some pretty card stock and photos with tiny clothespins. I’m thinking this is just a place holder until I can find something awesome and bold to go in it. diy-hula-hoop-frame-6

The hula hoops were $1.00 each, the spray paint was about $3.00, and all the art was made from materials I had at home, so for $5.00 we made a major statement over our dresser. The round frames balance out all the bold, geometric patterns we’ve got going on (check out our DIY geometric art here!)

The bedroom is practically done! We’ve got to find some awesome art to go in the large hoop frame and I’m thinking about possibly revamping our thrift store nightstands and then we’ll wrap this room up!

Wanna see what we made for the last Pinterest Challenge? Check out our bright, flowery canvas art!

What did you make for the Pinterest challenge? What’s the oddest thing you’ve used for a project? Can you beat hula hoops?? Share below!!