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State of the Blog

Hello and happy Monday! I wanted to take today and just update y’all on what’s going on here at Two Live Colorfully. If you come around often, you’ve probably noticed a little less action. Well, that’s because Josh and I are figuring out exactly where we want to go in the next few years and how to get there.

state of the blog

First things first, we’re officially staying in Dallas for one more year. We’ve signed another 12 month lease for our current apartment. We are knee deep in “saving for a house” mode, so it made the most sense to stay where we are while we prepare. Honestly, I wasn’t too psyched about this, because I’m worried about running out of projects and ideas to share with you all over the next year here, but when it comes down to it, there is still plenty of work to be done.

We’re still going to be continuing with our minimalist-lite series as well as moving decor around, upgrading a few things, and maybe even trying a few new “apartment friendly” techniques just for fun!

The other thing that has been taking up most of my time is a new resurgence of working out and eating right. It’s not something I’ve ever really talked about here, but I’ve struggled with weight issues for as long as I remember. And, up until now it always felt like I would have time later to sort it out and get healthy. But you know what? That time is now! I’m officially an adult and there is no longer an excuse to be unhealthy. (Not that there ever really was an excuse.) If you follow me on instagram, you might have seen that I’ve hired a personal trainer to help me out. I’ve committed to six full months with her. For the past few weeks, this is what has been dominating my extra brain space.

I know Two Live Colorfully has been about home decorating and DIY, but I’d like to bring a bit more of our actual life into this our corner of the internet. I’m not sure of the exact details yet, but I’d really love to share a few health and fitness updates with you. Not to take over the site, but just to share a little more of our colorful life. Nobody has a perfect life, even if that’s all you see on the internet. People have struggles and hard decisions to make and I want to be someone who isn’t afraid to share mine with the chance that it could help someone else.

So, three months into 2014 and this is where we are. Lots of changes happening and lots of things to be excited about. I hope you’ll stick around to see where this goes!

goings on + photo ops | january 2014

Welcome to the end of January!! How did that happen right? Well, this means it’s round up time where I share all the fun notables that happened in January. Since, I can’t remember anything for more than a few hours at best, I depend heavily on my instagram feed and my daily one-line journal to look back on the bright parts of our day’s past. Here’s what we’ve been up to:gopo - january 2014

  1. We now own an actual dining table… and it doesn’t fold up!
  2. I’m now officially a blog contributor at Teal & Lime
  3. Popped open our pink NYE champagne tonight. Better late than never!
  4. Whirlwind lunch with Mom, Emily, Dora, Andy & J @ Morelia’s
  5. A lot more purging & sorting. Putting Minimalist-Lite in action
  6. It was crazy cold today! Temps in the teens!
  7. J & I carpooled this morning & replaced his car battery tonight
  8. Can you get too excited about office supplies? Got my first Poppin order!
  9. Imported old cd’s from high school onto my computer. Feels like time travel.
  10. Sunset basketball & cheer tonight. We won 1 out of 3.
  11. Went to our first & probably only NBA game. Mavs v. Pelicans
  12. Prepped my contributor post & ready to launch Minimalist-Lite
  13. Grandpa sent us delicious Florida Oranges as a late-Christmas gift!
  14. Minimalist-Lite has officially launched on the blog!
  15. Blogging, blogging, blogging
  16. J & I discussed the sexist level to catchiness ratio of rap songs.
  17. Friday night cheer & basketball. Talked into sparkly eye gems by cheerleaders.
  18. IKEA/blogger date with Savannah
  19. Minimalist-Lite is picked up steam!
  20. “Air fiddles passionately”
  21. My first contributor post for Teal & Lime went up today.
  22. Lived in Texas my whole life then BAM! Allergies!
  23. Poppin actually sent me a handwritten thank you note!
  24. Friday night out at the Freeman Cajun Cafe
  25. Starting to plan for retirement. Both terrifying and exciting.
  26. Valentine’s projects! Ruffle garlands & talking heart pillows!
  27. Monday night Scrabble
  28. So thankful to have a group of blog friends to chat with
  29. In bed before 10:00. Being lame feels so right.
  30. We have defined twerking. “The over-zealous agitation of the human hindquarters.”

What are were your January joys? Share below!


Thanksgiving is mere hours away and I wanted to take a step away from the kitchen (where I’m cooking a 100% from scratch feast for four!) and reflect on the things I couldn’t live without. In all honesty, I have a wonderful and very fortunate life with a great husband, nice apartment, a job and though I take these things for granted all the time, I will always take this time of year to reflect on how lucky I am to be me.

image via

My husband, obviously. Without whom, I would be a very unbalanced individual. Josh is great at a lot of things. He’s a super analytical-thinker but he also has an amazing creative side. He broadens my scope to include things that I normally wouldn’t care about but should, like politics and how to pack things in the most efficient way. He also saves me from myself a lot. There is so much I want to do in life. I have about a million projects on an ever-lengthening to do list; I want to grow this blog, open a business, make our apartment perfect and so many times, I try to do these things all at once and burn out. Josh is amazing at reminding me that it takes time to do these things and that the people I admire in these areas didn’t become a success over-night. He’s my soul-matey and I don’t know where I’d be without him… but my best guess in institutionalized.

My family. It almost feels a little generic to just write “my family” but I think it’s important to take some time to reflect on the impact they’ve had on my life. Like my mom, she is one of the most hilarious people I know and she works so hard to be an amazing parent. My grandpa has been one of the biggest motivational forces in my life. He’s always pushing for me to reach my full potential. One of the reasons I always knew I was going to attend college is because he talked it up all my life. My Uncle Scott and Aunt Brandi are the most amazing family model. I was a flower girl at their wedding in 1995 and I’ve never seen anything but love emanating from their relationship. They got married young, they’ve taken chances, and, together, they built this amazing life. I have so many wonderful family members, each as unique and amazing as the next. Though I probably don’t call as much as I should, I love them all.

This blog. An ever-growing, never ending, creative project that I love working on. I’ve been blogging for almost three years and I’ve recently decided to really commit and try to turn Two Live Colorfully into something awesome. This means more frequent posts, more DIY projects and tutorials, better interaction with the blogging community, and a lot more. I’m in the perfect time in my life to pursue something like becoming a professional blogger so why shouldn’t I? It’s something that I love doing and I’m going for it.

It would take me forever to write out everything I’m thankful for (because there is a whole lot!) but these are the big three. What are you thankful for this holiday season?

and the lame blogger award goes to…

It’s me! Good golly gracious, it has been over a month since my last post! Ridiculous? Yes. Warranted? Maybe. The jury is still out.

But either way, August turned out to be a crazy month in the Willis household. Mostly because Josh officially started teaching high school algebra! All of a sudden, it’s like we’re adults or something. He’s been dedicating most of his time to school and my mission has been to be a sort of safety net while we’re in transition (keeping the apartment clean, making lunches, and such).

Of course, I’m still on the job hunt myself, but it seems as though some progress is being made.

The weather here in Texas has been amazing this past week. Mid-to-high 80’s, with clear skies and breezes that I refuse to interpret as anything other than the start of fall (my favorite season, without a doubt). I even saw pumpkins pop up on my most recent grocery trip!

So, of course, I couldn’t leave the store without getting a fall scented candle and some candy corn. I’ve been stalking the holiday category on Pinterest looking for inspiration for the upcoming months. It. will. be. awesome!

But, in the spirit of getting this blog back on track, I thought I’d share my one-line-per-day journal entries for the month of August to let you know what I’ve been up to:

1. A joint workout then lake trip prep.
2. J & I left for my family lake trip.
3. Boating & swimming all day.
4. More fun at the lake, s’mores with Tabetha.
5. Home from the lake.
6. Back to routine. Grocery shopping & awesome workout.
7. Feeling a little sick but got in a workout.
8. Interview at Sugar Bee Sweets.
9. Poolside dinner & evening swim with J.
10. Watched documentary “The Business of Being Born”
11. White board making & school shopping with Josh.
12. Five loads of laundry & a workout.
13. Started Josh’s classroom makeover
14. More painting & celebratory dinner @ El Ranchito.
15. More work on J’s class & interview.
16. Laptop is caput, but new big idea in the works.
17. J bought me an amazing touch screen computer!
18. Goal: getting organized.
19. Perfect weather & a foot dip in the pool.
20. Blueberry & plum cobbler w/ homemade whipped cream.
21. A quick visit with Mom, Dad, & Rachel.
22. Day trip to Commerce to get Rachel moved into her dorm.
23. Whipped up some awesome posters for J’s class.
24. Brainstorm ideas for an etsy shop.
25. J’s classroom is done & awesome.
26. Enjoying the calm before the school year.
27. J’s first day teaching & a funfetti cake to celebrate.
28. We posed as sexists to post a joke review of a ridiculous product.
29. Inspired by ShayCarl
30. House & baby talk with Josh
31. Dinner @ Country Burger & organizing J’s class.

And now we’re in September! We have a lot of fun things to share on TLC this month, like the reveal of Josh’s bright classroom, holiday prep, and lots of organization madness. I joined the Home Organization 101 14 week challenge over at A Bowl Full of Lemons, so stay tuned for updates on that!

our colorful life: goodbye july!

It’s August 1st! Isn’t that just crazy? Josh and I are getting ready to head out for a little family vacation this weekend. I thought to wrap up July posts it would be fun to share last month’s entries from my daily line journal. I’m pleased to say that I have kept up with the journal everyday since I started it in May and I’m so glad! It will so awesome to look back on this in a few years and remember fun moments I would’ve otherwise forgotten.

So here is my July 2012:

1. Birthday pedicure + a new recipe: ham & cheese sliders
2. Up early. Made muffins to ease the Monday blues
3. Painted dining room art: floral over gold stripes
4. Lazy holiday. Pool, brisket, and watching scrubs
5. Interview at Sprinkles
6. Window shopping with J. Apple Store, Z Gallerie, Crate & Barrel
7. Trial day at Sprinkles Cupcakes
8. New recipe: chicken and artichoke lasagna
9. We finished decorating the dining room!
10. A bloggy day! More content and improvements
11. An epic search for Scribble yielded no results
12. Lots of blog brainstorming
13. Jennifer & Rachel arrive for an overnight visit
14. Oaklawn tour, lunch out, & siesta with J
15. A life epiphany of sorts
16. First workout in months
17. Lazy day… Psych marathon
18. Lazy day #2
19. Almost fully unpacked + living room curtains almost done
20. Living room curtains done! Bold and awesome!
21. An afternoon swim with J
22. Jack Daniels pulled pork & corn on the cob for dinner
23. Blog planning. “Where am I taking TLC?”
24. More TLC blogging re-design
25. The job search continues
26. Shopping at World Market and Anthropologie
27. Evening reading outside on the porch
28. Playing, laughing, & lounging in bed
29. New recipe: pan-fried chicken
30. Fitness in my #1 priority
31. Spontaneous movie date – The Dark Knight Rises

What was your July like? Do you keep up with a journal or diary? Share below!