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Ikea Desk-Side Organiztion

Good morning gang! Happy Tuesday. Who’s ready to return to the regularly scheduled programming around here?! I know I am. March was such a crazy month so I’m glad to be getting a fresh start today. Let’s hop in!

I’m just going to go ahead and assume that everyone is like this (to make myself feel better), but my workspace is often a disaster zone. Papers strewn everywhere, “in progress” crafts cluttering up the coffee table… I can openly admit, when I’m in a blogging frenzy, the living room turns into a mad house. What I really needed was a desk-side companion to help me contain the crazy and I found the perfect thing.Ikea Raskog Desk Cart

I feel like I’ve been seeing this Ikea Raskog cart everywhere lately! When I saw it in the catalog a few months ago, I knew it’d be perfect. It is exactly the height of my desk, easy to transport, and it looks dang cute too. It definitely holds it’s own against my hot pink desk.

Ikea Raskog Desk Cart

Plus, with three separate shelves, it’s easy to keep organized. Up on top, I keep my favorite books, my iPad, and “In Progress” paper items that still need attention. Ikea Raskog Desk Cart

On the second shelf, I keep my camera bag and label maker. I don’t think I’ve even mentioned yet that I bought a DSLR camera! That was before Christmas! Phew, I’m off my game. I just enrolled in the Shoot Fly Shoot camera course so, I’m finally learning how to use it properly. Working on getting one more thing crossed off the ol’ Life List.Ikea Raskog Desk Cart

On the bottom shelf I keep current projects. Right now, it’s a bunch of washed and ironed fabric ready to be made into pillow cases. It’s on the to-do list!

How do you keep your work space organized? I’d love to see your methods… and maybe steal one or two!

our home | 2014 video tour

Happy Monday gang! It’s been a while since we’ve done a video tour of our apartment, 816, so I thought today I’d show you around.  It’s been (mostly) decided that Josh and I will stay in Dallas for at least one more school year which means one more year in this apartment. It’ll make 816 our longest lived residence, so far. With the decorating restrictions that come with apartment living, I thought a third year would drive me nuts. “What the heck should I do now?” But I’ve made an attack plan for the remainder of our time here to keep things fresh including our minimalist-lite series and updating a lot of our college-day purchases (like the dining table we just replaced!) There’s still plenty to be done!

So, here’s our apartment as it looked this January 2014.

And in case your wondering, here’s what’s on the agenda for the rest of our time here:

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noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow case

We’re kickin’ off yet another new series today! Remember last summer when I took a sewing class? And then a few months ago when I got my IKEA SY sewing machine? And I was all like “Awww, yeah guys! I’m gonna sew EVERYTHING!!” Well, you may or may not have noticed a little silence on the whole sewing-adventure front, but today I’m bringing it back with my Noob Sewing Series!

Oh yes, I’m going to be breaking out my sewing machine at least once a month and teaching myself to sew. First by following beginner tutorials from around the blog-o-sphere, and then hopefully bringing y’all some original sewing craft ideas! So, if you’re a sewing newbie and you have no idea where to start, get ready!noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseFor my first project, I decided to start with a pillow. I mean it’s a square, how hard can it be? I used this fantastic video tutorial for DIY Envelope Pillows made by my fabulous friend Jackie at Teal & Lime. She explains everything very plainly in this simple tutorial.noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseI couldn’t wait to break out this pretty STOCKHOLM fabric from our recent trip to IKEA. It’s such a cheery yellow and I love the water color texture. It almost looks like the fabric is painted, right? It’s a heavy duty fabric and, from the photo above you can tell, it obviously passed the “posing test.” Even though my pillow insert is only 16×16, I picked up a whole yard of fabric to make sure I could get the gorgeous yellow on one whole side.noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseAll you need to do is sew four lengths! It really is super simple. Plus, this tutorial uses only one continuous piece of fabric, so there’s no need for a lot of sizing and cutting. (Although, Jackie’s video does include an additional tutorial for using two different fabrics for front and back, if you’d like.)noob sewing series | diy envelope pillow caseNow, my first real sewing project is in the books! I’m especially happy with this success because pillow cases make great minimalist-lite decor. You can make and customize them yourself for very little money, they’re easy to switch out, and any cases not currently on a pillow take up hardly any storage space!

How are your sewing skills? Any recommendations for future Noob Sewing posts? Share below!

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window shopping | IKEA adventures

Good morning, Monday! I hope you all had a fun weekend. I know I certainly did. Every few months or so my lovely blog friend Savannah and I like to troll IKEA. You know, just to look at the pretty things, and maybe… just maybe make a purchase or two. So, I thought it’d be fun for you to have a glimpse into our IKEA adventures with some window shopping!

We got there early, before the showroom was even open. They had it roped off like we were at some VIP event. The guy guarding the entrance looked totally indifferent, like this is the worst part of his day, having to stand between crazy IKEA fanatics and their mother land. I tried to get a rousing round of applause going for him as the rope came down, but no one was really having it. 2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-3First on the agenda, documentation that a blogger date was in progress. IE: photos in a mirror.2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-1Both Savannah and I are in the “apartment limbo” where the things we covet won’t really fit into our spaces. Like this amazing rug (LAPPLJUNG RUTA) which is huge but only 99 clams. One day, I’ll have it. Maybe. It looks crazy graphic and punchy, but with furniture and accessories layered over it, it would be the perfect accent in a living room.

window shopping | IKEA adventures

I snagged a yard of this gorgeous, water color-esque fabric (STOCKHOLM) for a project I’m sharing later this week. The best way to test a fabric’s quality? Posing with it. This is just science, people.2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-2

I was also really digging this lamp. The black on black is sleek, right? Plus, the sparse wire base really appeals to my current raging minimalist side. I wasn’t able to find this one on the IKEA site, but I do love it so. Plus, it is only $25.00. Shade included.

2014-01-18 IKEA Adventures-4One more instagram-worthy shot to wrap up the trip. According to Savannah, if it’s not online somewhere, it never even happened at all!

I did get a few things while there, which I’ll be sharing soon. I’ve got to give Savannah major props for walking out with only a set of salt and pepper shakers. I’m pretty sure that’s unheard of. We also have a blast hanging out and I always feel so lucky to have a blogging friend close by. We ended up meeting through such weird circumstances, that it totally feels like our friendship was fate! Cheesy-outro.

What did you do this weekend? Any fun shopping or DIY-ing? Share below!

Plastic Bag Storage Made Pretty(er)

Does anybody out there just have a plastic bag in their house that’s full of other plastic bags? Well, as of two days ago, I can confidently answer “NO!” to that question. In an attempt to clear up some cabinet clutter, we picked up a neat bag organizer from IKEA for $1.99. I tried really hard to find it on their site but, no such luck. However, this little thing comes from the VARIERA line, if you want to check it out in-store.

On it’s own, it’s just plain plastic. So, I decided to spruce it up with some spray paint to bring a little color into our laundry nook.

ikea-plastic-bag-storage-makeoverAfter going through the paint I already had on hand, I settled on this pretty icy blue by Valspar. About 3 quick, light coats and 24 hours later, I had a much schnazzier looking place to store all my plastic grocery bags. And, just in case you’re tempted to comment about using cloth bags instead, know that after about a month, we empty our bag supply straight into the recycling bin. Plus, we reuse these bags for sorting, small trash cans, and sometimes even paint clean up.

ikea-plastic-bag-makeover (1)And here it is looking all pretty. This organizer actually came with two hanging strips already attached, but I didn’t really want to use those. They seemed like the kind that wouldn’t come off cleanly which is no bueno. I used four of my favorite 3M Command hooks (the small, velcro type), so I can easily take this on and off the wall. Yay!!

ikea-plastic-bag-makeover-3Obviously, our little laundry “room” is not too fancy. There’s barely enough room to unload the washer and dryer! But, I do think this bright cheery little bag organizer adds a little pop of happiness. Plus, it pairs pretty well with our cleaning chart (which will be blogged about soon, probably with a free download. What?!)

How do you store utilitarian things like plastic bags? Any other good suggestions?