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DIY Floral Wall Installation

I have been struggling to find a permanent decorative solution for our long hallway for as long as we lived here. Most of the past two years, it’s been a giant beige blank slate. Last summer, I got a little nutty and turned some left over moving supplies into art and then for the holidays I strung up a DIY light strand tree, but I’ve been craving something better. Something bold. And something really awesome.

So, I got way into the spirit of spring and loaded up our hallway with flowers!

DIY Floral Wall InstallationIf you follow me on instagram, you might have even seen a couple of hints:

DIY Floral Wall InstallationI used 16 of these beaker glass tube wall vases from CB2 and a variety of different flowers from Hobby Lobby to create this fun and easy DIY Floral Wall Installation.

The part of this project that took the longest was picking out the blooms! I strolled the floral aisles for a good 40 minutes to find a really good mix of interesting colors and shapes. You can see I didn’t just limit myself to flowers. There are a few weird items like lavender and spiky little reed-like things. But together as a whole, it turned into a big wall of fun.

DIY Floral Wall InstallationAs for the actual how-to, I just measured out the length of wall I wanted to use and divided that by the number of test tubes I had (16) to get my spacing. I decided to hang them at varying heights to accommodate for larger blooms and to take up more vertical space in the hallway. After the measuring, I used small nails to hang the tubes, trimmed the stems and extra leaves from my faux flowers and fiddled around to find a nice, balanced arrangement. It took one hour tops.

DIY Floral Wall Installation

And it’s such a happy project! I love walking through the hallway now. Plus, I figured when the seasons change, it’ll be fun to swap out these bright flowers for  fall foliage or more traditional holiday blooms. It’s completely versatile, which is exactly what a gal like me wants!

How have you spruced up a hallway in your home? Working on any floral projects lately? Share below!

make this | diy painted ornaments

Holiday posts are here! Get prepared people because, if it hasn’t happened already, you’re feeds are about to be stuffed with sparkly, cheery. winter-time goodness. So, let’s get started!

To ease us in, I thought I’d kick off December with a super simple painted ornament tutorial. This technique is not new by any means, it’s an easy and inexpensive way to customize your Christmas tree! make this | diy painted ornamentsFor this project, I picked up some clear glass square ornaments from Hobby Lobby during one of their many ‘50% off Christmas goodies’ sales. I love love love the square shape! They give a little modern nod to the traditional ball ornaments. Then I just raided my craft paint collection and picked four bright, bold colors to compliment my crafty, colorful Christmas theme this year.

make this | diy painted ornamentsIf your planning to buy new paints for this project, here’s another tip. Don’t be afraid to go for the cheap ones. They tend to be a little thinner which means they will swirl around the inside of the bulb much easier. Less effort and less money spent!

make this | diy painted ornamentsJust pop off the silver top, pour in a nice sized glob of paint and swirl and shake until the inside glass is fully covered. I kept a paper towel handy to cover the opening during the shaking. No need for a tie-dye carpet fiasco.

make this | diy painted ornamentsThen, just sit upside down in a tray or cup and allow excess paint to drip out and the interior to dry. I’d recommend at least a day to make sure everything is good to go. Replace the caps and adorn your tree!

make this | diy painted ornamentsI just love the glossy, bold punch these add to our little Christmas tree. Plus, they are inexpensive enough to customize whenever I change holiday themes (which is basically every year) and you can make whatever quantity you like.

Are you on the DIY ornament train? Which is your favorite ornament project? Share below!

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diy magnetic creepy crawlies

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not real big on bugs. I don’t think they’re especially cool and while they are super creepy, even around Halloween I don’t really choose them to decorate with. If I was going to describe my feelings towards any time of bug it would “blerch!” But, I’m kind of in charge of decorating my office at work. I’m lucky enough to work for a company that is BIG on Halloween. Seriously, everyone dresses up and decorates and it’s really fun. So, I thought I’d take advantage of having another space to decorate and get a little wacky with these DIY magnetic creepy crawlies!

magnetic-creepy-crawlies-promoUgh, aren’t they gross?? They’re perfect for Halloween or even any bug themed parties you might be having! All you need are some plastic bugs, magnets, and a hot glue gun. I found three different types of crawlers from the dollar store so this turned actually a very inexpensive project too!

magnetic-creepy-crawlies-2 Just hot glue the magnets to the bugs and stick to any magnetic surface! Super quick and super gross! Just the effect desired! I’m planning on slapping these creepy things on every filing cabinet in our office!! Mwahahaha!!

magnetic-creepy-crawlies-10Have you decorated for Halloween yet? What are your favorite super quick, creepy projects?

Make This: DIY Bulletin Boards

Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re back from a nice long three-day weekend with a fun and colorful tutorial! I’ve been working to finish up our boring beige guest bathroom this week, and these DIY bulletin boards are a perfect fun accessory to what I’m deeming “the girliest space in our apartment.”

This project was pretty quick and the best part is, it’s totally customizable. You could make a bulletin board in practically any shape or color with this method!

custom-painted-bulletin-boards-promoFor this project you’ll need some cork material. I picked up a roll for a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. It’ll be thinner than a traditional bulletin board, but that makes it easy to cut and attach to your wall. You’ll also need a stencil or painter’s tape, a marker, craft paint in whichever colors you desire, and a few foam brushes. I recommend foam because it spreads the paint a lot easier than traditional paint brushes.


First up, trace your stencil and cut out your cork board. I went the easy route here with four medium size squares but you could go with anything. I think a honeycomb shape or even clouds could be really fun!


For my project, I wanted some of the natural cork to show, so I used painter’s tape to seal off the edges. Painter’s tape can be a little tricky to adhere to the cork so take your time and smooth it down. Also, foam brushes will help you to keep crisp lines by dragging the brush over the tape to the center of your cork shape. custom-painted-bulletin-boards-process

Next, paint, remove your stencil and let dry. With the cork that comes in a roll, you’ll probably get a curve in your boards. Once the paint on mine dried completely, I set my coffee table tray on top of them to flatten them out.   custom-painted-bulletin-boards-tutorial-33All that’s left to do is hang! I just used some clear thumbtacks we already had. For a geometric pattern like this, definitely break out the level to keep your design straight and evenly spaced. Since we’re just using thumbtacks, they are easy to reposition, but if you don’t have to, it’s even better, right?


Step back and enjoy! I’m planning on using mine for little quirky quotes and maybe some style inspiration. And, in case you’re wondering, yes that little scrap of paper says “I blogged your Mama! And I tweeted your sister.” I found that little gum package at a candy store and could not resist buying it just for the quote. I don’t even like cinnamon gum, but I had to have it!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for the reveal of our guest bathroom makeover! I promise more girly stuff!

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make this: diy floating frame

This past weekend, I started brainstorming some fun art ideas for our blah-beige guest bathroom and then I remembered “Oh, hey! You’ve got two pretty gold thrift store frames that have been abandoned in a pile of clutter! Why not just use those for something?”  And, to that I answered myself (silently, so as not to freak out Josh) with a resounding “Duh!”. I scored these two gilded frames from a craft supplies reuse store in Denton a few weeks ago called Scrap. It’s like Goodwill for craft supplies and it totally rules!

When I looked at the frame sizes I knew exactly what I wanted to put in them. I’m one of those people who keeps pretty packaging from stuff I buy and I have had these and Kate Spade cards hanging on my office cork board for months. They are so cute I just couldn’t bring myself to throw them out, so why not turn them into art?

Anyways, this tutorial came from wanting to use this postcard so badly, but the frame being slightly too big. More internal conversation finally led me to this: Turn it into a Floating Frame!

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-promoWe actually have a few floating frames but they can be a little pricey because they usually come with two panes of glass. But this easy method can turn almost any frame into a floating frame.

So, here we go.

clean-up-thrift-shop-framesRubbing alcohol is a great cleaner for thrift store finds because it disinfects AND removes sticky, gunky stuff that always seems to be on my thrift purchases.

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-comboMake sure that you are thorough with your hot gluing. You want to make sure the glass is as secure in there as possible because there will not be anything to support it in the back. If it gets a little messy, you can take an exacto knife and carefully slice away the excess glue so you don’t see anything from the front.

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-2Then just center and secure your art with a tiny line of invisible tape. I taped at the top and bottom for extra strength.

You can see here that I also used a little washi tape to make the postcard pop against our beige (and un-paintable) walls. Surprisingly, this was my first ever project using washi tape. I know, how late am I right? No surprise though, I love it!

diy-floating-frame-tutorial-3Then all you’ve got to do is hang and enjoy! I used to tiny gold nails in the upper corners to hang from the wall. They practically blend in with the frame.

Here come my two favorite project descriptions: Easy and basically free!! Seriously, you just can’t beat that!!

And, this is just one of the many colorful art pieces that are going up on the wall in our guest bathroom. You are going to love it so stay around to see the final result!

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