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our home | the first real dining table

Well, let me just say 2014 is already shaping up to be an awesome year! And that’s because last week, on January 1st, Josh and I purchased our very first real dining table!

I say “real” because, our previous table was a folding card table that my mom purchased for us when we moved into our very first apartment… in 2009. Yes, we’ve eaten dinner at a table with collapsible legs for basically five years! Don’t get me wrong, back then we were psyched just to have something to eat off besides the floor or TV trays, but still, that table’s days have been numbered for a loooooong time.

So anyways, let me introduce our newest family member furniture purchase.parker mid-century dining table from west elmAhh! Isn’t it friggin’ gorgeous! Seriously, I can’t walk by it without swooning. We ended up going with the Parker Mid-Century Round Table from West Elm and I am so in love! I had seen it online beforehand and knew it would be wonderful, but Josh is much more of a “gotta see it in person” type of guy so we traveled to our local West Elm on New Year’s day to check it out.

parker mid-century dining table from west elmWe probably spent a solid two hours in-store looking at different options before deciding for sure on this one. That’s definitely something about us. It takes us forever to make big purchase decisions. Especially in stores. Being broke college students for so long has taken it’s toll and we have a hard time actually letting go of the money and making the purchase. But, the long decision-making time always pays off in the end. We really think through all the options and when we decide on a purchase, we’re left with nothing but certainty! parker mid-century dining table from west elmYou probably also want to know about the chairs, right? Because they are new too! I really really wanted something upholstered; something softer I could sit on first thing in the morning. BUT, we also kind of loved how our old chairs (these from Target) paired up with our mid-century table. Well, I was on the look out for chairs when I went to Target for a few essentials and stumbled upon these babies. They were both modern and upholstered!!! Win win! At $35.00 a pop, they’re pretty cheap for dining chairs and the metal frame is actually sturdier than our previous ones. I decided on two blue and two gray to keep it funky-fresh (or just fresh) and the whole thing just makes me giddy. In case you were wondering, they are from the Room Essentials line, but I couldn’t find them on the Target website. (They were sort of with the ‘rotating home decor’ stuff. If you’re a Target groupie, you totally know what I’m talking about!)parker mid-century dining table from west elmSo, while I have my focus on something other than the sexiest table in existence, let’s run the numbers, shall we?

  • Our table rang in at about $540.00 with tax and everything. We took it home from the store and assembled it on our own: no delivery charge.
  • Four new upholstered chairs from Target came out to about $150. Again, we took them straight from the store to our apartment, so no additional charges.
  • Total was about $690.00

Yes, I mean $690.00 is definitely not a small chunk of change, but we’ve been planning on upgrading our dining table FOR YEARS so it we knew it was coming. Plus, we intentionally bought everything with the intention of keeping them for a long time. As full-blown adults, it’s time to stop buying stuff that’s not made to last.

And, with the new table and everything, I’ve also been planning a little dining room revamp to make the rest of the space live up to the awesome-ness of the new furniture. Here is what’s currently floating around in my head for potential projects:

  • Take down brown floating shelves and repair wall
  • Get rid of most stemware (We never use it!)
  • Buy longer shelves to store plates, glasses, liquor, bar ware, etc? Floating or not?
  • Get watercolor art framed
  • Create a small collection of frames on long wall
  • Sew some new custom napkins
  • Get 2 more place mats
  • Get rid of counter extension bar cart?

I’m still totally in love with our embroidery hoop mobiles, so those are staying, but I do really want to add some color variety in here. We tend to naturally gravitate to that pool blue (see the two new chairs, napkins, art, mobiles). I want to create more of that “mis-matched but totally cohesive” vibe.

 I know it’s only the 9th, but how’s your 2014 shaping up so far? Any new furniture purchases or room revamps on the horizon? Share below!

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YHL day + west elm window shopping!

This past Saturday was awesome! I have been such a giggly admirer of Young House Love for years and this weekend, I met John and Sherry! They were at the Dallas West Elm promoting their new book (which I ordered weeks ago) and I am just pleased as punch to have finally met them in person. Seriously, it’s like I’ve been getting ready for a huge date all week. I had lists and wardrobe choices planned, scheduling and directions pre-printed and entered into my phone. I was on a mission.

And you know what? They are actually nicer (and more awesome) in person than on their blog, which I didn’t even know was possible.

(Yes, I took not one, but several, stalker-y, from a distance photos like these and I’m not afraid to admit it.)

We arrived at West Elm around 10:20, enjoyed the cocoa and cookies, and reached the front of the line just after 1:00pm. But the wait was really worth it.

After hours of meeting an endless line of people, John and Sherry were genuinely excited to see us and I was just trying cover the crazy and act normal. They signed my book, I gave them some holiday trail mix and cute, colorful magnets for Clara (which I’ll be sharing on the blog soon!), and we squeezed in for a picture.

It has fantastic and, although the wait was long, I would definitely do it again!

After that, Josh and I took some time to peruse the West Elm (since we hadn’t actually been to one yet) and I thought I’d share some fun window shopping pictures of things that I loved!!

First up, these gilded, honeycomb wine and champagne glasses. How glamorous would these be at a holiday party? Especially New Years Eve!

I also really loved this paper flower wreath. Perfect for a neutral holiday scheme. The West Elm version is a tad on the pricey side, but I found a tutorial for a similar one here!

These colorful presents caught my eye right away. I’m a huge fan of pretty packaging and these are super simple but still so festive! Just grab some solid wrapping paper and coordinating satin ribbon. You could easily mix it up to fit your favorite holiday colors. I, for one, am really digging the brighter, more un-traditional colors that seem to be super trendy this year. Who says you have to stick to red and green? Get creative!

And lastly, this gorgeous dining table called my name. We’ve been contemplating springing for a new table and finally retiring the super tiny, folding card table we’ve used ever since we first moved in together. This one is fantastic because it’s super solid and simple with just a hint of interesting design at the legs. We decided to pass for now, in favor of saving money and going on a trip next spring, but this table still looms in my mind. Maybe one day it will be mine.

It was such a fun Saturday and I feel so lucky to have met two heroes of mine who are wonderful and so deserving of the amazing things happening for them. We also got to explore a store that sells a great mix of things that fit both Josh’s and my style, which can be a tricky middle ground to find. So, all in all, I’d put November 17, 2012 down in the books as a pretty rad day!